Aesthetic Locker ideas for School

    For aesthetic locker ideas for school who can’t get enough color in their life, this bright, cheerful locker design is for you. The trick to making your locker aesthetic without going overboard is to pick one main color. 

    Aesthetic Locker ideas for School
    Aesthetic Locker ideas for School

    Aesthetic Locker ideas for School

    Back to school, already? It’s true then is that the got to start thinking locker stuff. Lockers are an enormous a part of going back to high school . It’s quite the place to stay books, supplies and lunch. It’s a teen’s space to hold call at between classes, meet before study hall, keep a calendar (test on Tuesday!), retouch their makeup or hang their hat. It’s basically their home at college , and it’s important to them to point out their personality and have the good locker within the hallway!

    4 Ways To Have Aesthetic Locker ideas for School

    1. Double your locker space with a Locker Shelf
    2. Use a dry-erase Weekly Planner for assignments and schedules
    3. Keep pencils, pens + markers handy using magnetic locker bins
    4. Battery-operated twinkle lights are a must have for any colorful and kooky locker. These are hung with clear, adhesive hooks that accompany removable sticky tabs. Hide the battery pack within the bottom of your locker, and string the lights up during a random pattern.

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