8 Moving Tips and Tricks

    I'm going to share with you moving tips and tricks from a professional organizer top moving tips. I hope you guys enjoy the tips.
    Moving Tips and Tricks

    8 Moving Tips and Tricks

    Tip 1: 

    Pick a bathroom, take everything out of the bathroom that needs to get packed. Then you're gonna put a sign right on the door.

    Do not open, do not touch, do not pack and in that bathroom, you're gonna stick every thing that you need, your purse that's not gonna get packed is literally gonna go with you.

    Your suitcase, whatever medicines. If you have a pet, the dog food.

    Tip 2: 

    Use your clothes, towels, and linens you have as packing materials. Here I'm just putting some art with glass in it with some clothing so that it's nice and protected, and I'm not wasting any money on that packing padding or bubble wrap.

    That way they have no idea that they're moving a safe and you get your safe to your next location.

    Tip 3: 

    If  you have high end purses or high end jewelry or things that you just don't want the movers to know about, go ahead and pack that stuff up yourself but put on the outside of the box something boring, something that the movers are never gonna wanna go ahead and get tempted to take and put kitchen utensils or kitchen cups or books or something that is or like sofa pillows or something that's completely boring to them that they would never guess that there are valuables inside the box, and mark the box on the corner with a special little star so you know for sure that box is making it back to your new place.

    Tip 4: 

    Declutter your stuff before you pack. There is no reason why you should be moving junk or stuff that could of been donated.

    Try and minimize your stuff before you move.
    There's so many places and a lot of these places actually do free pick up.

    So definitely declutter 'cause there's no sense on bringing it over to the new house when you're just gonna get rid of it anyways.

    Tip 5: 

    The easiest way to move from state to state and that is pack everything up yourself. Rent the biggest U-haul that you can and hire local movers to move your stuff into the U-haul truck.

    And then  hire local movers over there to unload the truck into the new house. You  will save literally thousands of dollars by doing that.

    Tip 6:

    Label all your boxes and containers with painters' tape. I like this because my boxes are being reused for my grandma's recent move so her labels aren't necessarily what I'm putting in each box.

    Painters' tape is nice because its bright blue so it's really easy to find and it doesn't leave any residue behind so you can use it on decorative containers and you don't have to worry about cleaning off any of that sticky stuff.

    Label  boxes with either the contents or the room it's going to so that the people that are helping you move know where to take it when we get there.

    Tip 7:

    Packing into furniture. Anything with drawers or cabinets, fill those up with items. This helps you decrease the volume overall, so if you have a truck with limited space definitely pack into your furniture so that you're not using as many boxes.

    Tip 8:

    My last tip I think is the most important and that is to pack a bag for a few days that has all of your hygiene essentials and a couple outfits. Unpacking may take longer than you expect so it's always nice to have everything that you need right there at your fingertips. Those were the packing tips that I used to get ready for my upcoming move.

    I really hope found moving tips and tricks helpful. If you have any more tips, please let me know along with all the other mamas down in the comments because we tend to move every couple years and I might need to go ahead and use your guy's tips.

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