How to Organize to Move

    How to Organize to Move
    I have a lot of experience moving. In this article, I'm gonna tell you how to organize to move, really smooth move.

    Everybody knows that moving can be stressful and a little, or maybe a lot chaotic sometimes, but let me tell you, from experience, the more organized and prepared you are, the better your move will go.

    And I have moved so many times. From house-to-house, halfway across the country, you name it, I've probably done it and I'm gonna be sharing with you what I have learned along the way.

    On my last move, I had a ton of people commenting that it was the most organized move they had ever seen. Because we had everything labeled and ready to go, the truck was unloaded, everything was in the right room in under an hour and a half. What happens when you prepare.

    1. Create a moving binder

    Get it started well ahead of time. Let me tell you, I have moved both without and with a moving binder, the moving binder moves went so much better. Get  free moving printable Planner pinterest.com.

    2. Shipping Labels

    They work perfect for putting on moving boxes because you don't need to take them off, right? But, if you try to put them on wood furniture or something like that, or even plastic, they do not come off easily.

    They're not designed to be removable, so you might have a little of trouble.

    Now, we went ahead and put them on our furniture because the moving truck was getting there before us, and we wanted everyone to know where it went, but we don't really have any valuable furniture.

    If I had super valuable furniture, I would not be putting these labels on it.

    3. Start packing as early! 

    As you can because the closer you get to the date of the move, the more stuff there is to do, the more hectic and chaotic it gets, so the more you do even
    weeks ahead of time, you will thank yourself later.

    What I do is I go ahead and start putting in things that I don't need, like bulky kitchen items, my festival decoration, out of season clothes, and I get those all boxed up and ready ahead of time.

    4. Don't be too lazy about filling out that box index

    Okay, so next up, this really goes along with the packing early, is don't be too lazy about filling out that box index.

    I know it can be tempting when you're writing it down to think, “this is kind of silly to write down “what goes in each box, I'll probably remember.”

    “Am I really gonna use this?” Trust me, you will thank yourself later. Because you're not gonna remember what you packed six weeks ago and what box that special plate you want to use is in.

    5. Use vacuum bags for pillows, blankets and linens

    Vacuum bags were our saving grace. Pillows and sheets take up so much space, so why not reduce the amount of space they occupy, so they can be easily packed !? They are also great because if they are sheets out of season or will be stored for a while, the vacuum bags will protect them better than just being thrown in the laundry closet.

    6. Download How to Organize to Move apps

    • LetGo  —to purge your stuff before a move?  Sell your belongings at the touch of a button.
    • Realtor.com  — This real estate app help you find sale, rentals and open house listings directly from the MLS. It also allows users to research neighborhoods, home prices and schools to find their dream house.
    • Sortly —helps users create a visual inventory of their belongings with photos, tags, and more.

    - Who to notify when you’re moving house:

    Cable TV
    TV license
    Internet provider
    Amazon account
    Council Tax
    Credit Cards
    Store cards
    Line rental
    Insurance policies
    Breakdown Cover
    Electoral Register.

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    I hope that these tips have been helpful and  you know how to organize to move  and will make your upcoming or next move as stress-free as possible!

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