Best 5 Moving tips and checklists

    Best 5 Moving tips and checklists 

    Best 5 Moving tips and checklists

    Today I bring  you five moving tips and checklists I have for when you're moving. Moving day which means lots of chaos and stress, but here's a few of the things that I do to help make the moving day just a little easier.

    5  tips How to Organize to Move

    Tip 1.

    A couple weeks before the move, take a few boxes for spaces is not a like highly used area of your house that you have a ton of usage on like a master closet or something.

    Put out a few boxes and just over a couple days you'll just start packing boxes a little at a time so that the actual day of the move you're not quite so stressed out and like two or three days you're not like, “Oh, I have the whole house to pack.”

    Tip 2.

    Label everything. And over label you will never be sorry you have over labeled.

    So instead of just writing like master closet on a box. Write hats, shoes, sweaters or whatever it may be that's exactly in the box.

    I promise when you get to your new location you're gonna wonder what is in the boxes, and if you have 15 boxes labeled master closet, that's not at all helpful when you're looking for one item.

    Tip 3.

    Before you move take pictures of any arrangements on the walls or the cupboards or office shelves that you liked at the one house so that you can duplicate at the new house.

    Tip 4.

    Make sure that you pack a laundry basket or a suitcase full of the things that you're going to need the very next day.

    Keep these items off the truck:
    • Hand towels
    • Credit cards
    • Cash
    • Jewelry
    • Some feminine products
    • A razor
    • Conditioner
    • Some wipes
    • Phone chargers
    • Laptop charger
    • A tooth brush, our make up
    • Clorox wipes
    • Post it notes
    • A few Ziploc bags
    • Medication
    • Trash bags
    • Snacks and water
    • A change of clothes 
    • Some dish washing soap
    • Do not forget toilet paper.

    Tip 5.

    On the actual day of the move, make sure that you have a few things like this. Some snacks, some fruit, some rolls, you know, and some water stuff like that out on the counter ready to go.

    Not only is that gonna help feed the people that are helping you move, but it's gonna keep you nourished.

    I hope you guys found just a few of these moving tips and checklists helpful for your next move.

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