How to Make a Concrete Vase
    How to Make a Concrete Vase

    How to Make a Concrete Vase

    I mixed 1 part cement and 3-4 parts sand.

    Then I added water until I received a consistency, which is good to work with.

    Next, I´m going to brush the container with oil.

    This will help the dry concrete come out of the container much easier.

    I´m going to fill it up.

    Next, I´m going to place another container in it, after brushing it with oil on the outside.

    In order to stop the container from floating up, I´m going to put some stones in there.

    Then I´m going to let it dry for a couple of days.

    It is advisable to tap out the air bubbles.

    I´m letting it dry for a couple of days.

    I let the concrete dry for about 3 days.

    But the concrete will take a couple of days more, to get completely dry.

    I´m going to take it out of the containers.

    Then I´m going to sand the edges.

    If you like to, you can color the planter.

    I use Maya Gold Paint.

    Now the paint is dry and I´m going to glue furniture glides onto the bottom of the planter.

    In order to protect the concrete from humidity, you can either use the container after cutting it to size or you can use a varnish, which is water-repellent. How to Make a Concrete Vase.

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