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    IKEA Byas TV Stand

    hi, guys, today's all about my favorite" tomnas Ikea" hacks because they're just. So easy to do and they add a really nice personal IKEA Byas TV Stand touch to basic. 

    IKEA furniture which  I love personally because they're really minimal.

    But at the same time, I like to add a little something to it and just spice it up.

    Tomnas Ikea Review

    I loved how minimal it looked but I still wanted to add my own little personal touch to it.

    So I started off by just spray-painting the legs gold and tomnas Ikea that. 

    Was super easy to do it just took two to three coats.

    And that alone gave it a  major West Elm and cb2 vibe but which.

    I  love, but I also felt like I wanted to add these little pulls on it and these little knobs.

     I got from Anthropologie and since the drawers didn't come with poles previously   I just had to get a mechanical drill and measure out the center.

    And it just drill a hole it was really  simple to do and it took just   a few  minutes and the best part is if 

    Tomnas Ikea Tv Stand

    I ever  get sick of these knobs or I want to  try something   else it's as easy as unscrewing these ones and  screwing on a different  style so I really love doing  this to my IKEA furniture and that's   why 

    When I love tomnas Ikea this shoe storage which we were really needing because we don't have shoe storage downstairs. 

    I loved it but I hated the knobs but it was super easy to do because the holes were already there, so  I just went to cb2 and picked up these brass IKEA Byas TV Stand knobs.

    Tomnas Ikea Shelf

    I went with two different styles one for the drawer section and then the rest I kept the same well yeah that's all for my tomnas Ikea I know this. Is a  really short one and it's really simple. 

    But I just think it makes a  huge difference,  I really hope you guys enjoyed with IKEA Byas TV Stand.

    You found it helpful and also give tomnas Ikea a thumbs up and comment down below if you'd like to see a living room and dining room tour.
    BY Parmida Kiani.

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