How to clean white shoes

    How to clean white shoes

    Hey guys what's up today.

    I am going to be showing you guys how to effectively how to clean white shoes.
    This is kind of like a Pinterest half DIY test it sort of deal.

    I found this on Pinterest on BuzzFeed on the Googlers.

     So I said why not try it out I need to clean my shoes out.

    You know bands especially like any sort of white shoe.

    You know it's so hard to not get them dirty you know at least for me. 

    I get them dirty pretty easily so this is awesome for me and it actually is really cool.

    So hope you guys enjoyed  this method is not 

     like you don't have to throw them in the washing machine it's super quick and easy.

     Just how I like it and just how you guys like it.

     I'm sure so hope you guys enjoyed this quick little DIY tutorial.

    I will catch you guys after the video to see how it goes enjoy alright guys we're going to need for this DIY are your old dirty white shoes:

    1. Old toothbrush.
    2. Baking soda.
    3. Hydrogen peroxide.

    Step by step guide on how to clean white shoes

    Step1: Mixing bowl and an old toothbrush that you don't need so it's pretty basic so 

    Step2: What you do if you want to just add one tablespoon of baking soda to the bowl. 

    Step3: Then add one tablespoon of water a  tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide

    Step4: And then grab your toothbrush or whatever you would like to mix with start mixing it around.

    And it's going to create this light paste-like solution once you have that down.

    You want to grab your toothbrush and start scrubbing away as a shoe make sure you take out the laces first and then you want to get it all around get everything out.

    Just make sure you don't soak the shoes up you don't need to do that much.

    But just make sure you do two layers of this so two layers per shoe once that's all done you want. 

    To grab laces you can actually make more of the solution if you would like

    And then mix the laces around mix it all up to make sure you get it all in there once you're all done with that you want to put your shoes outside to dry.

    And you want to add the laces of course as well.

    Four Hours Go

    I can't forget those now we're gonna do. Is going to leave these out for about four hours go on about your day.

    Do some errands whatnot now after four hours come back pretty cool this part is 
    actually my favorite part you want to actually slap your shoes together and notice all of that coming out it's.

    Actually dried up and it's gonna you know take out all the impurities which are kind of crazy and weird but it works trust me.

    And the same thing with laces looks at all that stuff coming out pretty interesting so that's done so it's gonna be some leftover residue.

    You want to just scrub it off with the toothbrush the clean old toothbrush just scrub it all off get the rest of the baking sort of solution off of the shoe and voila.

    Those are the shoes afterward as you can tell they're not like extremely white and spotless but I like that.

    Though I like that they're not crazy you know spanking white they're just perfect.

    I like this and I think it worked what you guys think let me know down below okay so that was my DIY tutorial little quick Pinterest hacks tested it actually worked.

     I was so surprised how quickly the van's turned just like white you know without having to wash them throw them in the washing machine who doesn't like.

    You know easy methods how to clean white shoes so hope you guys enjoyed this. 

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