How To Clean Fridge: 10+ Best Cleaning tips

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    We have created the ultimate guide to Clean Fridge is, how it works, and how to Clean Fridge Door it to become the best!

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    Note: This article has a collection of successful ideas for cleaning and organizing the fridge.

    You'll need To Clean Fridge:
    1. Some all-purpose cleaner.
    2. Some microfiber cloths a recycling bin.
    3. A sponge.
    4. A garbage all right let's get to it.
    5. A bunch of clear acrylic compartments.
    6. A lot of my food storage items from Ikea.
    7. Creating the labels with a cute font.
    How To Clean Fridge |Best Cleaning tips

    How To Clean Fridge |Best Cleaning tips

    How To Clean Fridge |Best Cleaning tips
    8.Whiteboard pen to fix it to the side of the fridge. You can be sure that you can always just take that pen and write your expiry dates on either the bottom of the container or the top of the container.

    To make sure that you're keeping track of when things are expiring and then it's easy enough to rub off and replace when you're replacing the contents of that container.
    How To Clean Fridge
    Step by step guide to cleaning the fridge
    Step 1: drew up a quick diagram.

    How To Clean Fridge
    Now I had a plan in place and can make the process goes a little bit faster. But this is totally optional as you're doing.

    Step 2: Choose storage containers to organize your refrigerator.

    How To Clean Fridge
    When it comes to food storage that's constantly being washed and refilled glass is kind of the best option as it's a bit more durable multifaceted and environmentally friendly than what plastic is I also love the price point.

    The quality of the IKEA containers so it's always a go-to for me when it comes to a storage having said this I did.

      Step 3: empty everything out of your fridge.

    You just sort of taking everything out of your fridge its kind of like a trip down memory lane.
    Step 4: I'll grab my all-purpose cleaner and a sponge and a microfiber cloth. I'm just dousing the fridge.
    How To Clean Fridge |Best Cleaning tips

    Step 5: Clean Fridge Door.

    Here with the all-purpose cleaner by the time I get to the shelves on the door the stuff on the top shelf will have had a chance to loosen up and for the crisper drawers, I'm actually removing them entirely giving them a spritz.

    So that way I can clean the area underneath when you're doing this be gentle your fridge components are designed to come out you just have to be careful making.

    Sure you don't crack or break anything.
    I'm going to wipe everything nice and clean making sure I get in the drawer it's also important to get the underside of the shelf especially if it's glass sometimes bottles that are tall or containers can graze the underside of the shelf.

    And leave a grimy little streak of residue to make sure you get the sides in the back of the fridge as well.

    So funny it's such a simple thing to do but it makes you feel so much better about your kitchen just knowing that your fridge is clean.

    Important to make sure that everything is dry once you've wiped it clean you want to make sure it's dry.
    Because you don't want any mildew situations happening in the fridge.

    How To Clean Fridge With Baking Soda

    If you do encounter any difficult stains in the fridge I didn't.
    TOP TIP You can sprinkle a little bit of baking soda on top of the same spray some all-purpose cleaner let that sit for a minute or two and then give it a good scrub now one thing.

    How To Clean Fridge With Vinegar

    TOP TIP To clean you can use a DIY cleaning solution. This is 50% white vinegar 50% water and some essential oils, just to wipe down all the shelves top and bottom.
    Was actually took the drawers and sink and gave them a quick rinse because there were some little crumbs. I couldn't get rid of so you can do that.

    If you like to pop the drawers back in getting ready for reloading you see all that crap over there at the bottom corner yeah that had to go.

    Looking pretty good right all right wave three we sort through the food pick out the science experiments look at any of the stuff that we haven't used in a while but we'll start off with the fruits and veggies.

    I like to line the crisper drawers with a sheet of paper towel it's easy to replace and it helps absorb moisture and keep the drawer clean.

    I'm just sorting through everything picking out the stuff that I'm going to keep yep all that stuff goes back in you don't want to overstuff your crisper drawer.
    How To Clean Fridge |Best Cleaning tips
    Either I try to separate out fruits and veggies but if it doesn't happen that's.

    I'm just sorting through checking expiry dates looking at anything that.

    I haven't eaten in a while or things that I'm not going to eat things that.

    I want to get rid of I'm putting those on the stove.

    And then everything that we're keeping I'm leaving on the counter.

    And I'll organize that accordingly definitely some leftovers that needed to go.

    Step 6: Wiping Jars

    Now I'm just wiping the bottom of the jars that I'm keeping getting rid of any of that build-up that might have you know happened over time.

    And then I'm lighting them back up in the fridge nice and neatly.

    I actually like doing this job because then I know where everything is.

    And if I need to grab say the capers or the harissa.

    I know exactly where to look for it it's not like buried somewhere random in the fridge.

    Step 7: anything doubles like.

    It's also a good time to consolidate anything so if you have doubles like. I just did with my nuts you can consolidate those and that makes storage obviously more efficient in the fridge
    You might notice that on a baking soda in the fridge.

    I actually have a charcoal filter in there okay now it's time to get rid of any of the food that you're going to be getting rid of. I'm squirting the stuff in the garbage obviously.

    The mail you can see my face oh I hate Mayo it's so nasty so that was a pretty and exciting part of the job but doesn't just dump your jars in the recycling bin.

    You got to empty things out first it's great not to put it down the sink the cat came in she clearly thought she could score but I made sure that didn't happen.

    Now for anything that had oil or grease in it, I poured that into a zippered bag.
    I discarded the zippered bag obviously I didn't want to put that down sink and there you go my fridge did look terrible.

    Step 8: A quick snack.

    This worked really well for our fruits. It's really easy to grab and go.

    We put apples lemons and limes and it's just really easy if you need a quick snack you can just grab it and of course we just store our fruit and vegetables at the bottom two drawers.

    Step 9: Space-Saving Water Dispenser.

    Is the space-saving water dispenser, I thought this was so cool it's extremely narrow.

    It doesn't take up as much space in your fridge.
    We have a built-in water filtration system, so we just fill this up and keep it in the fridge so we have cold water when we need it.

    Step 10: How To Clean Fridge Door Rubber.

    The door gaskets almost always look cleaner than the top and the sides, It's always across the bottom that your gaskets start getting sticky.

    And that's where they usually start tearing that after you clean it with just hot soapy water.
    TOP TIP I recommend that you use petroleum jelly and you don't want to goop it on there you just want to get a little on your finger and rub around the seal. And what this does is it keeps the rubber soft so if it dirty seals over the years don't harden up so you just want a really fine film of this all the way around your door cast.
    If you notice any gunk here's a quick easy way to clean it nicely:1. Vinegar. 2. Water. 3. Aq-tip or Toothbrush. Run it through the crease of your seal and there you have it.

    Now a good way to know if your seal is effective is to take a dollar bill close it into your refrigerator and give it a nice little tug if it's nice and secure you have a good seal.

    Step 11: How to Clean Refrigerator Coils.

    How To Clean FridgeEvery refrigerator has a condenser somewhere some of them you can access from the front of the refrigerator.

    There's a grill across the bottom of most refrigerators if your coil is not there it's on the back which will show later but these are two different types of refrigerator coil brushes.

    These can be bought online most hardware stores carry em and this enables you to get back into the coil to clean it.
    How To Clean Fridge You take your brush and just basically go into the coil run it back and forth across the coil and have a vacuum handy.

     If there's a lot of dust in there you can suck it out as the brush is doing its job.

    But the brush will allow you to get back into the coil it's not accessible from the front. You'll have to remove your back panel.

     Which means you have to pull your refrigerator out you take a screwdriver.

    Or wrench depending on the type of refrigerator take your screws loose so once you've pulled your screws loose. Take your back panel off your condenser coil on this one would be right here.

    Now a lot of manufacturers claim these are self-cleaning condenser coils.

    But if you have pets in your house pet hair will build up in there And the coil still needs to be cleaned so again you just run your quarrel brush through the coils. Keeps the unit running cool prolongs the life of your refrigerator. Watch in the video.
    Now it looks great didn't take too long and it really reinvigorates the kitchen just makes it feel so much better you can really feel the difference. Updated "How To Clean Fridge" 25/9/2018

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