Types of kitchen cabinets designs

    Cabinet Types: Which Is Best for You?

    Types of kitchen cabinets designs, Materials, and Options

    Refacing, refinishing or replacing your kitchen cabinets can dramatic improve the look and feel of your kitchen. If you need proof, simply watch a home improvement show focusing on kitchens and see the before and after pictures of an outdated kitchen and one with beautiful oak, walnut or cherry kitchen cabinets installed. The difference is like night and day; kitchen cabinets make a more visual impact on visitors to our home or potential buyers than any other feature in a kitchen. In fact, kitchen cabinets routinely rank in the top 5 home improvement projects in terms of return on investment -- the reason is that they make such an undeniable difference to the look and feel of a home!

    The Kitchen Cabinets Center provides valuable information on all the aspects of kitchen cabinets; articles, materials, manufacturers, estimates, tips, tools and much much more. Redoing your kitchen cabinets may seen simple enough, but there is actually more than plenty involved behind the scenes.

    Replacement Kitchen Cabinets

    Kitchen cabinet is one of the most visible kitchen features and takes more abuse than almost any other kitchen feature. They are opened are closed throughout the day by restless teenagers, they are bumped into by pets and may have pots, pans and who knows what else dropped on them throughout the years. It's no wonder that over time, kitchen cabinets need to be either replaced or refaced.

    Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

    The most popular options for kitchen cabinet refacing include Oak, Maple, Hickory, Cherry, Pine, and Birchwood. There are many different types of kitchen cabinets, some of the more common are bins, baskets, spice drawers, lazy susans and various sized drawers. Review the hardware options on all the popular styles of pulls, knobs and door handles. Finally, find the differences between stock and custom cabinets.

    Refinishing Your Kitchen Cabinets

    Refinishing your kitchen cabinets is one way to keep your costs down and still achieve refreshed vibrant looking cabinets. The refinishing process can either be a do it yourself project or can be performed by a kitchen remodeling professional. Read more on refinishing your kitchen cabinets.

    Beech Kitchen Cabinetry

    Beechwood kitchen cabinets are gaining popularity in the United States for use in cabinets. They offer benefits to the homeowner in areas that many other wood choices lack. Beech cabinets provide an appealing look, takes finish easily, offers fewer defects, and are competitively priced in comparison to similar materials.

    Cherry Kitchen Cabinets

    Cherry wood kitchen cabinets have been a favorite choice in furniture and cabinet construction for good reason. The refined, straight, and close grains of cherry provide its smooth and elegant look. These fine grains give it a satiny feel and a lustrous appearance that almost seems to glow. Additionally, there are sometimes interesting variations in the grain, such as tiny knots and pinholes, adding to the appeal of the wood.

    Hickory Kitchen Cabinets

    Hickory wood Kitchen cabinets made of this wood will make a dramatic statement in your kitchen. While planning your remodeling, you should make your hickory cabinets the focal point of your new space. The distinctive look of the wood should stand apart from other elements of the room in order to highlight its unique patterns and coloring.

    Maple Kitchen Cabinets

    Maple wood kitchen cabinets are quite a popular choice with many homeowners. When planning the remodeling of your kitchen, whether you are going for a stainless steel look, a streamlined feel, or something more traditional and cozy, such as Scandinavian, Early American, or French Countryside architecture, you should consider using maple in your home. It is an ideal, durable, and versatile material that can provide the exact look that you desire for your new kitchen.

    Oak Kitchen Cabinets

    Oakwood kitchen cabinets provide a hard and solid option as oak is denser than other types of wood. With properly sealed surfaces, your oak cabinets will be able to withstand the extreme conditions of the kitchen. You will enjoy cabinets that retain their shape and integrity for years to come.

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