100 Hundreds of daiso wire net is too amazing! Easy DIY your house nice and comfortable life ♪

    Daiso wire net

    Hello dearies! How are you?
    You will see wire nets of various sizes when going 100 degrees. This wire net is superb! You can make it easily by combining it when you want a little storage. I tried DIY example using wire net. 7 Amazing Ideas with Daiso Wire Nets.

    Storage under the sink

    When storing the everyday items you normally use under the sink, you can not put things on the upper side even if it is delimited by baskets, and it tends to be messed up. But if you use a wire rack to make a shelf in the dead space above, you can finish the storage space. Be careful as it may break if you place a heavy object, but it is convenient if you can access small items by having a shelf.

    Storage on the wall of the kitchen

    There are times when you think that you want storage a little more because there is little storage on the wall of the kitchen. But combining the wire rack and the brace bar to complete the kitchen storage. It is also nice to be able to stop recipe books by clipping them. It is the point that I can make it easy for me to use.

    A shoe box with a Daiso wire net rack in a small space

    I make a shoe box with a wire rack in a small space of the entrance. It can be adjusted to the height of the shoes because it is a net so breathable so good ♪ very convenient ♪ Since you can put an umbrella on the wire part, you can take it even if it's raining when you open the door Is it also good?

    It is perfect for the storage of shoes that I do not normally wear because I can not fit in a shoe crate! It is also good to be able to add shelves.

    Clothes can be stored so easily

    On the storage shelf of clothes wearing every day! Ventilation is also nice, so do not worry about molds in clothing. It is easy to see which clothes are located, easy to put in and out, is not it?

    There are many people who put the storage case etc in the closet or closet and store it. You can do such a nice shelf on a wire rack too. Since there is no useless space, storage capacity will also increase.

    What can be used as a child baby guard to prevent mischief!

    There is something inevitable when you have a small child that you open drawers etc. and important documents are scattered. But by making a baby guard with a wire rack, you will not have to worry about the opening. Since it is 100 uniform items, it is also nice to be able to arrange for reasonable and arrangeable so that it is easy to use. Easy to remove if you do not use ♪

    We combine Daiso's wire net and wire basket well and we are seasoning rack DIY Here. By using the end materials together, the appearance is also very fashionable.🎉

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