Best 7 Ideas for kids bedroom sets

    Best 7 Ideas for kids bedroom sets

    A good children's room environment. It is the beginning of cultivating a child's independent life. Can better stimulate children's creativity.

    Is the key to determining the growth of children
    "Kids room" is surprisingly difficult when thinking about the layout of the house. In a limited space, it is necessary to secure a comfortable space for play and study according to the number of children and growth. Also, parents want to make fancy interior using pretty fittings and furniture if making a children's room at a great pace. Therefore, this time I tried to summarize the idea examples of the child's room that is made according to the size of the room, the sex of the child, and the number of people.

    1. Points to be aware of in the layout of the child's room

    Children's room for children. When you arrange the space for play, study, and bedtime in a well-balanced manner and use it with brothers, it is important to secure each personal space. So, I will show examples of the layout according to actual room size.

    First for one little boy. alternately grill green and beige cushion mats pop. The storage space arranged on the wall is accented with a colorful tent based on blue. While using a color that seems to be a boy, it is finished in a cute atmosphere like a child.
    While the kids are small, there should be many houses that make the tatami room of 4.5 tatami matting from the living room into the kid's room. In this case, we opened the bran and opened the feeling of opening, while making the counter for shops and sanctuaries partitions, we are doing moderate zoning.

    2. A room for studying boys

    A room for studying boys using monotone and blue. Accent cloth imitating the building is also gathered simply with the calm color and thin line design. While finishing in the interior that looks like an adult, accessories on the bedside and star type lights create a boyish atmosphere.

    3. A boy's room

    Boys bedroom furniture with items of IKEA centering around a modern white system desk. It is contained systematically in a limited space.

    4. Talking to your friends and chatting in your room

     A bench-type sofa bed is a big success at such a time. You can enjoy girls talk in a relaxing mood. We also have a cupboard on top of the bed to secure storage space here and there.

    5. A girl's room 

    A girl's room where adultness and cuteness live together. If you want to change the taste, the furniture is intact but the atmosphere changes with a single lag. For a monotone like a photo, it is an adult. Choosing a warm color such as pink will be pretty cute.

    6. preschool children's brothers and sisters

    Children's layout of elementary school students and preschool children's brothers and sisters. Put a sister toy on the left side, and a brother 's learning desk on the right side. The blue-gray wall is perfect for wood flooring. Fritz Hansen's nap chair placed in the back upgrades the interior.

    7. On the window

    On the window, side holds a long desk and secure desk space for two brothers. Space can be effectively used if the bed is a bunk bed. We will create a calm atmosphere with green walls. Using shelves and boxes placed on the wall, school-related things are roughly stored and well received by kids.

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