17 Amazing Back to School Organization Ideas

    It’s back to school time! This list of back to school organization ideas started when I was searching Pinterest for ways to keep those school papers organized. I realized that there are so many other back to school items that need to be organized too! You can organize chores, school supplies, backpacks, shoes, schedules. Imagine how much less stress there would be if everything had its own place and it was all neat and organized?!

    How to create a homework station? Source List for our Homework Station.

    Hanging file holders on wall
    Magnetic board
    File Folders
    Pencil Holder 
    Electric Pencil Sharpener
    World Map

    1- Organized Wall Calendar via Eleven Magnolia Lane.

    2. Desk .

    Brandon and Rebecca's Home School Room Tour.

    3. Hanging file holders on a wall.They are similar to the files in our binder but they don’t take up space.
    4. Hanging world Map.

    5-Mini Homework Station. 
    6. Homework Station Turntable...

    how do you keep it all organized? All of the pencil crayons, glue, scissors, markers, pens and paper that they’re going to need for their homework. Where do you store it?

    Place the containers on the lazy Susan in your desired configuration.
    Gather up all of the supplies your kids use for homework projects on a regular basis, plus essential tools. (Pencils, sharpeners, tape, markers, pens, crayons, glue and adhesive rollers all made the list for your station.)Distribute the supplies among the containers. Simple as that!

    7. Over-the-door school supplies organizer
    8. Use plastic containers.containers will help keep art supplies at the ready throughout the years – organized.

    9. Kids Art Supply Buckets on Hooks. This might be the easiest and cheapest tutorial ever.

    10. Organize Office Supplies.

    11. Use Storage Drawer Organizer

    12. Use magazine files to organize workbooks and homeschool books.
    thanks pinterest 
    13. Drawer Front into Coat/Backpack Hanger
    14.Milk Carton Pantry Organizers Amazing Idea  to Transform the Trash Into Useful House Objects.

    15. Bookcase to Mud Closet.

    16. Keep math manipulatives accessible by dividing them and alphabet into small food storage containers.

    17. Don't have enough room for shoe box TEACCH tasks or workboxes?  Use large fabric drawers and pencil pouches. 
    Back to school#

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