27 Best Organizing ideas with Command Hooks. I’m Definitely Doing This!

    Unlike screws and nails, command hooks have an adhesive back so they can stick to literally any surface and won’t damage your walls. Here are 27+ ideas to use command hooks around your home and organize just about everything you can imagine.Today, I will be showing you 27+ ideas .Buy a bunch of Command Hooks.

    1. Hang hooks on the bathroom for towels. 

    2. Neatly store toothbrushes in your medicine cabinet.

    If you live in a suite or share a bathroom with your roommate, create a space where you all hang your toothbrushes. Color code the hooks with Washi tape to make it even more efficient.

    2. Organizing Under the Kitchen Sink

    Organize the space under your kitchen sink.Small things to decrease clutter.
    Use Command  Medium Wire Hooks on the inside of the under-the-sink door to hang scrub brushes and cleaning towels.
    Step 1
    The Command Clear Large Caddy can be used to store scrub pads and small cleaning items.
    Step 2
    Doesn’t that look neat?

    3. On the other side I used another hook for my fly swatter.

    4. A hook to hang a small brush and dustpan set

    5.  Make your own trash can by using a couple of hooks and a plastic bag.

    You can also use hooks on the inside of your cabinet door to hold your paper and plastic bags!

    6. Prevent Garbage Bags from Slipping into the Can.

    7. Hang your toilet brush

    8. Hook on the cabinet door right by the oven

    Today, more than ever, the kitchen is the heart cabinets of your home. You and your family don''t just cook in the kitchen, you gather there with family, neighbors and friends, for meals, conversation and memories. 

    So, a modern attractive kitchen and is an increasingly important priority. 

    9. Magazine organizers can install order into plastic lids as well.

    10. Hang up your tablet on the wall for easier viewing.

    Build a wall-mount for your tablet.

    11. Hang hair ties with a command hook

     Hairstyling Tools Organization
       Why not use them to hang your hairstyling tools? There is little to no work installing the hooks. You will spend more time driving to the store to purchase them. What a brilliant idea!

    12. Use  hooks to hang boxes of ziplock bags inside the pantry door accessible.    

    13.Attach Scoops to Containers

    14. Use hooks to hang a Laundry Soap plastic cup 

    For easy dispensing,attach a plastic adhesive hook on to the side of your bucket to hang your reusable laundry cup on it!

    15. Hang your hot tools inside your cabinet door.

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    16. used Command hooks to hang brushes and combs on the side of towel cabinet.

    17. Organize your cables and cords

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    18. Add Hooks for utensils over the stove

    19. Easy Storage For Pot Lids

     Store your lids on cabinet doors and rack your pots more easily by using hooks and racks on the inside of your cupboard doors.

    20. Hang up measuring spoons and cups for easy use and to get more drawer space.


    21.Inside the cupboard door .Your kids each have an assigned cup color

    22.Organize all your kitchen utensils.

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    23. Use a Command hook and a paper shopping bag with handles to keep garbage contained in the car.

    Keep purses and bags from tipping in the car.

    24. Organize your accessories.

    Rings can easily be lost in the mess that becomes your desk. Keep your rings safe by hanging them from a Command hook on the side of your desk or nearby wall.
    Prevent tangled jewelry by organizing them with command hooks.

    25. This one is a large hook I have mounted to the inside cabinet door of my pots and pans. This holds the cords to electric skillets.

    26. Hang your headphones on your monitor.


    27. Store Glasses with a Adhesive Hook a better way to keep glasses easily accessible.

    Here are  creative ways to use command hooks.
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