Friday, August 4, 2017

She Added Mustache and eyes for the pillow |DIY room decor 2017 & Organization & INEXPENSIVE Ideas!

DIY projects don't always require days of work or tons of odd materials.

Sometimes, a cool project can take just hours...or even minutes, but their impact on a room's decor can last a lifetime. These are the types of projects I enjoy, especially since I'm artistically challenged.
A few weeks ago I came across Nim C and her channel All Things Nim, which has a selection of cute DIY tutorials on crafting your own school supplies, DIY room Decor and more.

 This Awesome Mustache Heart Pillow Looks Like A Cloud...The Best Part? You Can Make It Yourself!

Mustache Heart Pillow

DIY room decor 2017

Watch Nim C to find out how to Decor your room in just a few steps:
DIY Tutorials by All Things Nim.

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