Amazing Water bottle Mouse/Rat Trap

    DIY tinkerer Imaginative Guy shows us how it’s done on YouTube. It’s a very clever solution in its simplicity, and it’s also infinitely reusable for those recurring rodent visits. You’ll notice from his instructions that it’s particularly important you correctly place the pivot so that the bottle’s mouth is just barely raised but tilts once the mouse goes in. 

    I have been staring at soda bottles for years and thought there had to be a way to make a mousetrap out of one. They're strong and lightweight and many others have come up with some pretty cool uses for them from funnels to scoops to bird houses. I wanted it to be friendly and humane.
    The video shows you the trap in action and then runs through the simple steps of putting it all together.Ok, this one is really innovative and gets a sucker with the scratch and sniff sticker. 
    The video below shows an empty bottle(Mouse Trap), bigger than your average 20-ounce soda bottle and square much like a Fiji water bottle, set up as a rat trap. Now the video is set up for a rat which explains the reasoning behind the larger bottle.

    Amazing Water bottle Mouse/Rat Trap 

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