101 Great Ideas! Bathroom Design

    Even the smallest bathroom can be turned into a cozy and functional part of your home. All that is needed is to choose the right design and make practical use of the space available. To help you, we put together some of the most successful examples of this which we could find.

    1. A door with inset glass can really bring in a lot more light, as well as create the feeling of greater space.

    2. Shady Days of Gray.A narrow space thrives on consistency and a refined palette. Pairing white with gray gives the space a modern look. Choosing large square tiles will fool the eye into believing space is larger than it actually is. Keep the accents minimal so the room feels sleek and uncluttered.
    Pictures: Alvhem Makleri
    3. A bulky shower cabin can be replaced by a smaller booth in the corner of the room, with a drainage grate in the floor. Attic bathrooms can be notoriously tricky to fit a shower into because of sloping ceilings and head heights. But there are ways to make it work. Just check out this stunning shower room with wood-effect tiling.
    4. A triangular bath tub instead of a square one can really help to economize on space.
    5. Add A Bit Of Shine. Most well-designed black bathrooms have one thing in common: Shiny surfaces and fittings. Whether with metal or glass, it's another way to add reflectivity to the otherwise light-absorbing space.

    6. Selecting a bright decor can help make a small space much more cheerful.

    7. Placing all the major elements of the bathroom in the corners can get rid of that cramped feeling.

    8. A sit-in bath is also not a bad choice for some small bathrooms if you want to save space.

    9. You can replace a bath tub with a spacious shower cubicle.

    10. Opting for brass fixtures and a retro design can give even a small bathroom a truly luxurious feel.

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