YouTube followers gave her Genius Cleaning Tips! These Tips Will Lead You to Best Cleaning

    YouTube followers gave her Genius Cleaning Tips! These Tips Will Lead You to Best Cleaning

    YouTube followers gave Melissa Genius Cleaning Tips!she says" our comment section is a goldmine of cleaning and organizing tips, tricks, hacks, and ideas!"

    1.The first Tip  Says

    " When I handwash my bras, I give them a good squeeze with my hands, then put them in the salad spinner to get rid of most of the moisture. They dry so much faster on the drying rack that way".

    2.The Second Tip  Says

     "I bought a microfiber mop to clean my bathtub with, just fill your mop bucket with hot water and a few drops of dishwashing liquid ... then mop the tub clean".

    3.The third Tip  Says

    "Used dryer sheets also make a great bug remover from the front of your car, truck, trailer, or motorcycle. Wet the item to be cleaned, wipe with the sheet. Let it stand for a minute. Then just wipe them off. (Anyone who has cleaned bugs off a motorcycle knows how hard it can be. Not anymore!"

    4.The fourth Tip  Says

    " We always check in during breakfast what we want to be done, that way we both know what we should try to find time for during the day. It also takes a weight off my shoulders since I am best at spotting it, cause my husband is actually excellent at executing if he only knows what’s needed.

     5.The Fifth Tip  Says

     Here’s a handy trick: instead of sucking the air out of your bag of ginger (or whatever else you put into a plastic bag)with your mouth, I keep a plastic straw close by…and when it’s time to get the air out of the bag….I close the top leaving just enuff room for the straw to fit in the bag……SUCK UP THE AIR THRU THE STRAW…finish sealing the bag and…..VOILA!!

    6.The sixth Tip  Says

     Clean My Space Clean My Space to eliminate cross contamination I color code all my cleaning rags and microfiber cloths to designated areas.

     7.The seventh Tip  Says

    " My favorite tip is citrus peels. Great non-abrasive and disposable scrubbers, simmered in some water on the stove they make your house smell amazing, and I like to add extra peels to mason jars fun of vinegar under my sink. I use the infused vinegar as an all-purpose cleaner that smells great and cuts through the muck, seriously try it on leftover sticker residue".

     8.The eighth Tip  Says

    " Okay, Melissa! MY ULTIMATE most amazing cleaning tip of EVER and EVER is when my husband gets home and is about to put his clothes/lunchbox/wallet/watch/papers all over the house, I open my eyes like this 😳 and point my finger to what he's about to do. tahdah! Then he puts it all away properly and my house is clean!

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