5 Home Organization Resolutions You Can Conquer in Just One Day

    1.Remove unnecessary bedroom clutter.
    Organizing Your Bedroom - How to Declutter Your Bedroom  Storage.

     Clothes start to pile up. Random hangers start to get worked into the mix. Shoes are lined up against the wall because there's just nowhere else to put them.
     Step #1: Get Rid Of Your Old Clothes.
    Step #2: Call The Pros—Or Find Your Own Storage Solutions.
    Step #3: Start Organising.

    2. Win storage areas in the bedroom
    Storing under the bed
    The first: use that appreciated and rarely used space under the bed, whose capacity is almost 4 m2, as well as a closet more or less normal for two people. The bed frame can be bunker type, with the lid fully liftable  storage. Another option is this bed base, with removable drawers that, for the day today, is much more practical than the lifting chest.

    1000+ ideas about Messy Bedroom on Pinterest | Messy bed, storage

    You can complete the storage space with "wall" solutions, that is, shelves arranged in strategic areas of the room, which will allow you to store and have on hand items and garments of more use. You can even use bathroom or kitchen items, such as the cloth and towel rack to  storage.

    4.Jewelry in bowls and mugs
    In these, which I found (of course) in Martha Stewart, Oriental bowls serve as well as flashy exhibitors to decorate any corner. I know that putting so many pots in a drawer is not a very practical idea. There are only two or three pieces that you have of an old or discontinued tableware to make a very decorative composition on the dressing table, in your room or in the bathroom.

    Fruit bowl turned into jeweler
    We finish with this super original idea that, in addition, will save you space, since the three floors of this fruit bowl allow you to store necklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc. As you can see, it is white ceramic, so the jewels look more and they are better. If you dare, in The Happy Housie you can see how they have done it.Click through our slideshow to try these decluttering ideas and shop our favorite jewelry trays, bowls, and more for  storage.

     5. Use shower curtain rings for the dupattas.

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