What Is The Grilling Glove Intended To Do?

    I recently had to buy a new grilling Silicone Cooking Glove 1 Pair for my cooking needs .
    there are differences between stove  oven and grilling use and therefore the need for various types of gloves and mitts.

     High Heat Temperature Resistant Glove 
    Turn Over BBQ Food Easily and Dishwasher Safe – You Should Not Pay High Price for The Other Same Glove and Quality.
     Arm coverage so much as measurement of protection.
    They are a full length pair of silicone gloves, mitten shaped, with ridges in the palm area for better gripping.Daiso great glove better than the IKEA glove to protect the hand from the heat of the oven.
    The most common material is cloth, or what I will call the traditional oven mitt.
    A relatively new trend has seen heat resistant silicone gloves become popular.

     Silicone Oven Mitts & Pot Holders , High Heat Resistant, Heat Proof Glove - Essential Kitchen Cooking & Baking Gadget - Dishwasher Safe - Soft Flexible

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