Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Daiso massage tool-Face Massage- Esthetician facial

Daiso one of my all-time favorite stores. They stock the most incredible things, and everything is really cheap.

▼How to get a slimmer face  ▼

Start from center of your neck, follow your collarbone and gently push the roller towards the nape of your neck and hold the roller with some pressure right beneath your ears for as long as you want. only for esthetician facial 

Roller stretch skinny hand finger Massager finger joint massage hand massage roller Meridian brush
Daiso Gadgets I wonder why as it's quite useful.

few seconds to a minute. Don't press too hard, just the right force so that you won't damage your skin.It won't pull skin cells unless you use extreme force!

You would experience slight numbness all over your face if you press the right spots! 

Now, to make my chubby cheeks lose fat! Start beside the nostrils, press with light pressure and move the roller along the cheekbone lines towards your ears.

Working over the temples and rest your rollers there for a while with light pressure. Repeat the process again few more times. 

 Massages your face, it feels good and promoting blood circulation [especially] in the morning, , lifting skin, enabling better absorption of skincare products and lympathic drainage but these aren’t water buffalo horns which are traditionally the “gua sha” instrument of choice.

  How to give myself a facial with best face massage roller on youtube
Esthetician facial 
Esthetician facial kimdao

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