Sunday, December 18, 2016

Cute Daiso Kitchen Timers on my

Cute Daiso Kitchen Timers on my

I wanted to  buy kitchen timer but I did not find kitchen timer shaped like a strawberry
Cute digital clock timer .I love these gadgets!
The first time I took one was because it was very cute! I love strawberries. And because I cook, I have some sitting at the refrigerator door so I could follow the different things I cook, or rely on the timer to warn me of my cooking when I'm not complaining about the stove on the stove. Really useful especially if you are a mom and check the kids sometimes.

Oh, the strawberry scissors magnet is Daiso and super cute. I do not use a lot of scissors, because I do not have another one that is easily accessible and much larger, but also fun to not add to my collection of strawberries there.

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