Best Tassels and Pom Poms Galore! 10 DIY Projects

    Hello and WELCOME, lovelies!
    I love this pillow from Home Center,I searched for how to make a pillow tassel .
    I found many wonderful ideas!
     1-The First Designer Pillow Knock-Offs with Fairfield from sew 4 home Amazing♥.

    2-DIY Pillow Covers // Plus Pom-Poms and Tassels by fork from sara hlune♥.
    How To with Zoë: Modern Pom Pom Pillow & Accessories
    Do you ever want to add more interesting throw pillows to your space but need more than your budget would allow? sew your own  in this video
    How to Make a Pompom Rug (DIY Tutorial)
    The Eivor throw from Ikea 
     3-Check out these DIY  Pom Pom The Eivor throw from Ikea  it looks good everywhere in the house !by hisugarplum Thread Here
     Pillow from Ikea

    Wall hanging
    4-This unique pom pom wall hanging tutorial can be found at We Are Scout.
    5-Adorn plain curtains with pom pom trim using this  here.
    6-DIY Tassel Basket
    Make a basket with tassels using these instructions from Honestly WTF.
    DIY Tassel Seagrass Basket from diys

    7-A Darling DIY Rope Basket from iheart organizing
    8-Pom poms bags  shoes  here
    9-Toys for your bag or your kids
    Easy rabbit pellets  here
    easy crafts bunnies wool pompoms
    10-Pom poms Rug  Yourself Project
    How to Make a Pompom Rug

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