Tuesday, April 19, 2016

IKEA 2016

Ikea Haul |April 2016

soap dispenser, white glass
 BÄSTIS Lint roller - IKEA
Easily and quickly removes animal hairs, dust and lint from garments, furniture and car seats

IKEA toys| April 2016

IKEA toys| April 2016
IKEA has partnered with UNICEF to allow a few lucky kids to draw designs that were made into toys—for a good cause.
 IKEA toys| April 2016
 IKEA toys| April 2016

Lots of toys to “try before you buy” 

Do you have any favourite Ikea toys or products?

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Cute Girls Bedroom~ Decor Ideas2016

Girls Bedroom , young room bedroom ceiling designs And Teen Room False Ceiling Options Tips 2016.Nice Girls Bedroom Decor Ideas - Teenage Girls Bedroom Decorating Ideas.~ Cute Girls Bedroom Design And Decor Ideas 2016.Need a little Bedroom inspiration? From colour ideas to room design. Cute Girls Bedroom~ Decor Ideas2016.

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