Organizing Your Refrigerator~Refrigerator Storage Tips

    Organizing Your Refrigerator~Refrigerator Storage Tips 
    Refrigerator Storage Tips - What You Need to Know
    Organizing your refrigerator is a good way to make things go smoother. You will save time by not having to grope through a whole bunch of foodstuff, when you are looking for something in particular. It is also much easier to tell when you are running low or are out of any item, if it has a home in a well-organized fridge. An organized fridge also ensures that you or your family members are not eating very old food items stored since you bought them six months ago!

    If you are confused as to how to organize your fridge, you can take a leaf from the category of certified kitchens, where refrigerators are organized with a view to storing food safely and placing various kinds of dishes according to their cooking temperatures. From top to bottom, you can find pre-cooked food that can be served either cold or re-heated, whole cuts of fish, meat - in chunks or ground, poultry items such as chicken, duck, etc, in the bottom storage spaces. Moreover, food items and spaces available in the refrigerators are labeled for easy access, which help in identifying what is out of stock at a glance without having to search.

    Adopt a similar method or organizing food items in your refrigerator. Store items such as drinks, ready-to-eat foods and beverages on the upper shelves of the fridge, jars and bottles should, ideally be stored in the door shelves. Use the drawers located at the bottom of the refrigerator to store fruits and vegetables. These drawers are meant to store items such as raw produce at the optimal humidity required for such items. Some very helpful tips to organize your refrigerator in an orderly system are listed below:


    Raw meat should never be kept above raw produce
    Use the lowest drawer to place raw meat, poultry and fish
    A weekly regime of cleaning out the spaces holding raw meat and similar items is a must, since, this will keep the dangers of rotting and contamination at bay
    Identify and label the different containers and shelves in the refrigerator, to store food items of a similar kind together
    When putting back food and beverages, ensure they go back into their rightful spaces
    Spend some time today, taking a good look at the insides of your stuffed refrigerator. Use the suggestions and tips mentioned here, to remove all contents of the fridge and place them back in a neat and organized manner. Making this a habit, will not only ensure that the food in the fridge remains fresh and safe, but is also easy to access and give you ample warning of when you will need to replenish items that are running low or have already been used completely.

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