Tips on Keeping the Drawers in Your Kitchen Organized~IKea 2016

    When it comes ot organizing the kitchen, most people would agree that organizing the kitchen drawers is way down on the list of priorities. However, it is an important aspect to consider to make your kitchen as efficient as possible and to avoid clutter collecting on the work surfaces. Most people normally just shove all their various pieces of equipment and cutlery in a haphazard fashion into the drawers.

    Organizing you drawers will allow you to maximize the usable space on the kitchen worktops and you will be less likely to waste time trying to search for a particular utensil. Instead, everything will be to hand and you can get on with the more important jobs. Here are some tips for organizing your drawers.
    First of all take all the drawers and empty the contents onto your kitchen surfaces. This will allow you to start sorting according to the item rather than just creating a more organized mess within the drawers. Not they are empty, start with the drawer closest to the kitchen stove. In this one you will want to put the following items; oven mitts, hot plates, trivets and hot plates. Any other equipment that you regularly use for baking and holding hot utensils can go in here as well.

    The next drawer closest to the stove needs to contain all the cooking tools. In this way you can work around the stove with all your equipment at hand rather than moving all over the kitchen, wasting time. Items you should put in here include serving spoons, ladles, wooden spoons and a small chopping board.

    Do you do much baking? If so, then dedicate a drawer to your baking equipment. Items such as rolling pin, sifter, basting brush and wire whisks all go in this one. This one should be close to one of your worktops or a kitchen island, if you have the luxury of one of those.

    The next is to look at the cutlery or silverware drawer which is normally below the cupboard that stores all of you dinnerware, such as crockery and plates. Only items such as cutlery, serving spoons and chopsticks are allowed in this draw.

    A drawer for serving items and table accessories such as coasters, napkin rings and wine serving items is useful. This allows you to keep all those finishing touches to the serving place in one area.

    Lastly, if you do have any items left over, you are allowed one miscellaneous drawer. You have to make sure, however, that this one does not slowly start to fill up with clutter. it is very easy to do and something you should guard against if possible.

    After following these steps, you should find that all your kitchen clutter should go neatly into four or five drawers maximum, which is the number usually available in most kitchens. You will work more efficiently and your kitchen will be a pleasure to work in.

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