Saturday, December 26, 2015

Easy Nursery Organization

Easy Nursery Organization
Started out with a basic changing table just big enough for a changing pad on top and two shelves underneath. Baskets were the obvious choice for the shelves so I started  thereNursery Organization

 I found a cute set of baskets at Home  Goods that were already embroidered with the words  "Baby Stuff" and "Baby Things", and the colors were a perfect match for the nursery theme Easy Nursery Organization .  

Easy Nursery Organization

Small Nursery Organization | How to organize nursery room

Small Nursery Organization | How to organize nursery room2015

Organizing your space in a nursery room is as important as organizing your space in a factory
if you are working with a small room. There are ways to make the most of the space that you have though organize nursery room .

Brights, Whites, Primaries and Pastels. The choices are many.
Any color can be the perfect color for your baby's room - some of today's trendy favorites are gray paired with either soft pink, aqua blue and even charcoal and white. Just have fun and remember, it's only paint you can always change it.

Baby Crib: 
Your baby's crib will be the highlight of the room and usually dictates the style of the rest of your furniture. There are many different types of cribs available today. Those include round cribs and convertible cribs which convert into "big kid" beds allowing you to extend the life of the furniture from months to years.

Changing table:
The majority of new parents these days will have a changing table that will hold a variety of your baby's needs as well as diapers.

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