Operation Organize: 6 Tips for a Chic and Tidy Desk

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    Tip #1:Clear the Clutter Weekly.

    Toss any wrappers or old papers in the trash or recycling and get them out of the way immediately.

    Tip #2:Storage solutions.

     Large drawers are great for storing paper and folders, but small desk items need to be sorted in small sections if you want the drawer to stay orderly.
    David Allen's book called Getting Things Done, The Art of Stress-Free Productivity .
    In the book David writes about setting up your workspace.

    Tip #3:Keep cords out of sight.

    How to Hide Wires & Cables
    Office Wire Organizer

    Tip #4:Pick pretty stationary.
    How to Make DIY Paper Notepads

    Tip #5: Accessorize. 

    Tip #6:Personality

     Tip to create a functioning working environment for yourself would be to bring some personality to 
    your space, open a window and let some light in, or create an inspiration board with things to motivate you

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