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♡Cute DIY Desk Decor+ Affordable♡

♡Cute DIY Desk Decor+ Affordable♡
♡Cute DIY Desk Decor+ Affordable♡
Best desk decorations

♡Cute DIY Desk Decor+ Affordable♡

Operation Organize: 6 Tips for a Chic and Tidy Desk

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Tip #1:Clear the Clutter Weekly.

Toss any wrappers or old papers in the trash or recycling and get them out of the way immediately.

Tip #2:Storage solutions.

 Large drawers are great for storing paper and folders, but small desk items need to be sorted in small sections if you want the drawer to stay orderly.
David Allen's book called Getting Things Done, The Art of Stress-Free Productivity .
In the book David writes about setting up your workspace.

Tip #3:Keep cords out of sight.

How to Hide Wires & Cables
Office Wire Organizer

Tip #4:Pick pretty stationary.
How to Make DIY Paper Notepads

Tip #5: Accessorize. 

Tip #6:Personality

 Tip to create a functioning working environment for yourself would be to bring some personality to 
your space, open a window and let some light in, or create an inspiration board with things to motivate you

✂ How to Desk Organisation | Organize your desktop with style ♡

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Is your home office in disarray?The desktop is what greets you when you enter your office.

1.Cleared desktop saves time.

One statistic says people waste as much as 20 minutes a day looking for things on their desktop.

2.Organizing Your Office And Paperwork.

Get a document organizer to help organize your paperwork.If your desk is buried under a pile of paperwork you may benefit from a desktop document organizer.Accordion file folders with multiply dividers can be used to organize a variety of papers and documents.

3.Cable clips.

Cable clips and ties are a must for managing your desktop computer cables as well as other cords and cables in your home office.

These organizing accessories will help you control the clutter in your office

Desk Organisation & Stationary HAUL | velvetgh0st ♡

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♥ DIY Desk Decor | Easy & Inexpensive ♥

 ♥ DIY Desk Decor | Easy & Inexpensive ♥

✂ Best Desk Decor | Easy & Desktop Reorganization ✂

✂ Best Desk Decor | Easy & Desktop Reorganization ✂

 My Desk Tour - What's In My Desk

Room Desk Decor
 Organization & Desk Decor Ideas
DIY Desk Decorations for Cute Organization and Storage

How To Organize Your Desk

 Back To School: DIY Desk Organizer

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Desk Decor DIY

Desk Decor DIY - Pencil Cup, Display Jars + Decor Tips

Best 5 Tips To A Stress Free & Relaxing Work Environment

5 Tips To A Stress Free & Relaxing Work Environment



My office before and after-How to style a pretty home office

60 Second Style: How to style a pretty home office

DIY Gold Desk - Accessories

DIY Gold Desk - Accessories

How To Set Up A Business At Home & Office Tour

How To Set Up A Business At Home & Office Tour

How To Organize Your Home Office - Getting Started

Having a home office that is completely organized helps you to be more productive, because when you know where everything is you naturally get more work accomplished. When you are spending time searching for something through clutter stacked on your desk, you waste time, and wasting time costs you money. Having everything in its place is how to organize your home office.

The Project - Get Started

One of the most difficult parts of decluttering your home office is getting started. However, when you determine to learn how to organize your home office and you set a date to organize and declutter, you typically will stick to your date, and this is even truer if you have the proper tools to declutter and organize in an efficient manner that will not take long to do.

What Kind of Cleaning Supplies You Will Need

In your home office, you have a lot of electronic gadgets and these take special cleaning agents, therefore, when you purchase your cleaning supplies, make sure they are safe to use around your electronics. If they are not, then you will want to remove your electronics, such as your computer and its components before you begin cleaning.

Moreover, if dust tends to be an issue in your home, purchase a duster, which can help you keep the dust off of your electronics and your furniture in your office.

Papers Papers and More Papers

If you are like a lot of people with home offices, you probably have a paper problem, this is especially true if you have a need to print a lot of pages of paper, if you begin piling them up on your desk, before long, you would not be able to find anything even if you wasted an entire day looking! Your productivity will be greatly hindered if you are constantly looking for a printout. It is the paper problem in home offices that lead many people to asking how to organize office.

Look at your desk surface, there is room there to place stacked files, and you can then just chunk file by placing your most important files in one folder, odds and ends in another and then set a time to organize them properly or shred them. Chunk organizing is a much better solution than piling.

You Need a Desk Organizer

A desk organizer is an awesome invention because it gives you a place for paper, penciles, pens, and even filing slots on some. What can easily happen in your workspace is the desk becomes so crowded with papers that you attempt to just ignore the clutter, but you can't because it is hindering your work output.

DIY- Room Organization and Storage Ideas

DIY- Room Organization and Storage Ideas
DIY- Room Organization and Storage Ideas

Back To School Desk Tour & Organization!

Back To School Desk Tour & Organization!
Back To School Desk Tour & Organization!

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✂ Cleaning Off Your Desk - 3 Steps to a More Organized You

Life rushes towards us at neck-breaking speeds, rarely slowing long enough for us to catch our breath. It makes keeping track of our professional and personal lives difficult at best, impossible at worst. It is even harder when you're disorganized. But don't worry, help is on the way.

Are you tired of spending hours a day searching for one piece of paper; the one an important phone number or address on it? Do you wish you knew what was on your desk, or in your files? Would you like room on your desk to actually work?

Organizing your desk can be done, but it takes determination. You have to want to take back control over your workspace. It's not going to be easy. But in three steps, you can be closer to a more organized life. A word of warning: be sure to read this entire article before you begin cleaning your desk.

To get your workspace back in shape, you'll need the following items:

- 2 regular trashcans

- A cardboard box

- A lined notepad

- A tape dispenser with tape

- Pen or pencil

Step one: Clearing your desk of paper.

This may sound like a daunting task, but it's not as difficult as it sounds. You will need a merciless attitude when it comes to the clutter on, in and around your desk.

Bring the trashcans and cardboard box into your office. Place them within easy reach of your chair. The cardboard box is for your keeper papers, one trashcan is for recyclable papers, and the other trashcan is for, well, trash. Keep the pad of lined paper, pen and tape handy for step two.

Starting at one end of your desktop, look at each paper on it. Do you need to keep this paper? This is where your merciless attitude comes in; if you haven't used this paper in over a month throw it in the proper receptacle.

Now, I'm not suggesting you toss things out willy-nilly. Papers you find that you think you need should be placed in the cardboard box. Don't worry; you'll go through that box later to see if you really need those papers.

Once you've finished with the top of your desk, open the drawers one at a time and repeat the process. Then move onto the floor, continuing until you've finished with your desk and the papers surrounding it. Be sure to empty the trash cans regularly, so you don't have a huge mess to clean up after all that work.

A special note for all the sticky notes you are going to find. Place all of them in the keeper box, regardless of what they say. This is to make sure you don't accidentally throw away something you really needed, but didn't recognize as such while in your "clear out my office" mode.

When you've finished with that part, it's time to move onto the next step.

Step two: Deciding what to do with all those papers.

Now that you've finished going through the papers and you have a clean desktop to work with, it's time to go through that keeper box.

Remember that pad of lined paper. Well now is the time to use it. On the top of the first sheet, write Addresses, Phone Numbers, Etc. On the next sheet write Calendar Additions and on the third one write, Miscellaneous Information. As you go through your box, you will find slips of paper with information you need to keep.

Starting with the first piece of paper, read it and see if it falls into one of three categories:

- Still needs to be handled

- Is finished and can be filed

- Really isn't needed (trash)

Since your desk is clean, make two piles on it; one for the needs to be done and one for the can be filed. The papers that aren't important will be thrown away.

Now, remember those little sticky notes you found. In most cases you will find they have phone numbers, addresses and calendar appointments you need to keep. That's where the note pad comes in. When you come across one of those notes with an important tidbit, take a piece of tape and attach it to the correct sheet of paper. Those little sticky notes lose their ability to stick after time. You really don't want to waste the time copying the information from the note to your notepad to the place it needs to be.

Once you've gone through the box, found the things that still be to be worked on, the ones that have to be filed and the little sticky notes, it's time to go on to the final step.

Step Three: Wrapping it up.

First thing you need to do is file everything that should be filed. While you do this, keep the page with the miscellaneous information handy. If you find any notes regarding the item you are filing, you can stick it to the original paperwork.

Now the only things that should be on your desk are the most crucial, need to handle items and your notepad. Now your time and mind are free to handle them.

Next, update your address book and calendar from the sticky notes on the first two lists. Leave the last list for when you are working with the active paperwork.

This last step is the hardest because you will have to make some tough decisions. These are decisions only you can make, but to help make them you can ask yourself some questions to decide which of the 'still needs to do" should be worked on first. You will need to decide if they should be done based on age of the item or by which is the most urgent career-wise?

While you are going through your last stack be sure to have the Miscellaneous Information page with the sticky notes on it in front of you. Is there anything on those notes that pertains to the item you are looking at right now? If so, take it off the Miscellaneous Information page and stick it to the original paperwork. Once you've gone through all of the projects, see if you have any sticky notes left. Mostly likely there won't be any of importance left, but if there is you need figure out where they belong, even if they belong in the trash. Then you'll need to decide how to organize your list of projects. This is something that you will need to do; I can't help with the priority of each item.

When you have your needs to finish pile in order, then write the projects in order on a blank sheet of paper. Put an estimated time to complete and follow through.

If you really don't want to deal with these papers more than once, you can do each step when you pick up the paper: assess the need, discard or file, then schedule the necessary action. But if you're like me, you'd rather get one task done before moving on to the next, even if it means handling the papers more than once.
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✂ DIY Desk decor and organization

How to organize your desk

Organize Your Desk .. How to organize your desk .. How to organize your desk .. organize your desk digital

Make an efficient to-do list An efficient to-do list will allow you to see what you need to do and when.
STEP 1- Organize your work space ,cull your files:
Although you may think that taking time out of your otherwise busy schedule to do "some cleaning" is a waste of your time, it will actually help you in the long run. Removing the clutter from your desk will help you to keep track of the important things, and will reduce the amount of time you spend searching for the things which you actually need . Ben spent about 30 minutes thinning his files while I labeled the ones he was keeping . Working in a tidy space can also help to remove some of the clutter from your mind.
STEP 2-Use an online program:
like or a single notebook.

STEP 3- Add some "you" into your space

Replace the standard cork board with a cute bulletin or memo board , add a few unique pens or pencils to your pencil cup and give some life to your filing with fun file folders.You'll be much happier .

STEP4- Go digital
 Pen and paper is still one of our favorite to-do list managers , but if you find that you get buried under disorganized scribbles and Post-Its, it's time to take it all digital.

 use a program like Google Calendar to sync your work schedule, and even keep employee manuals and other important papers on the computer.This means that their are less things to keep track of on your desk and everything you need is right at your fingertips.
Desk Organization Ideas
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