Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Back to School: Best Organization and Study Tips2014-2015

Back to School: Organization and Study Tips2014-2015 ..Back to School: Best Organization and Study Tips2014-2015 
Weekly schedule pad

ruled index cards:
Spiral Ruled Index Cards, 3 x 5, 50-Pack
 Mini Index Cards:
Ideal for short notes, flash cards, study aids and address and telephone numbers.

Life planner:

How to Punch Filofax

Page flags
use page flags  for easy access to different pages  
a transparent plastic sheet with some flags, labels & tabs

You can use page flags up at the top for easy access to different pages 
Inside the booklet
page flags 
Inside the booklet
Inside the book

They have a clear tip, which allows you to see exactly what you're highlighting as you move the marker across the text.

In the book

Expanding File Folder:
These little plastic expanding file folders are a life saver!
.A midst the barrage of school papers that make it home everyday.Just piles and piles of papers, everywhere.

Avery Reinforcement Labels

nailed it: half-moon manicure
Reinforcement Label Moons
Cutting the labels in half helps get a tighter seal
Office supply + kraft + twine + cool colors of the reinforcement labels. done.

Do you have a favorite way to organize all of those school things?

images from many sources
Back to School: Organization and Study Tips2014-2015..How-to Make and Use Flashcards - School Tips .. Creating a Study Guide and Printing Notes - School Tips ..how i study *helpful tips* Back to School Supplies Haul and Organization Tips 2014

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