Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Back to School: Best Organization and Study Tips2014-2015

Back to School: Organization and Study Tips2014-2015 ..Back to School: Best Organization and Study Tips2014-2015 
Weekly schedule pad

ruled index cards:
Spiral Ruled Index Cards, 3 x 5, 50-Pack
 Mini Index Cards:
Ideal for short notes, flash cards, study aids and address and telephone numbers.

Life planner:

How to Punch Filofax

Page flags
use page flags  for easy access to different pages  
a transparent plastic sheet with some flags, labels & tabs

You can use page flags up at the top for easy access to different pages 
Inside the booklet
page flags 
Inside the booklet
Inside the book

They have a clear tip, which allows you to see exactly what you're highlighting as you move the marker across the text.

In the book

Expanding File Folder:
These little plastic expanding file folders are a life saver!
.A midst the barrage of school papers that make it home everyday.Just piles and piles of papers, everywhere.

Avery Reinforcement Labels

nailed it: half-moon manicure
Reinforcement Label Moons
Cutting the labels in half helps get a tighter seal
Office supply + kraft + twine + cool colors of the reinforcement labels. done.

Do you have a favorite way to organize all of those school things?

images from many sources
Back to School: Organization and Study Tips2014-2015..How-to Make and Use Flashcards - School Tips .. Creating a Study Guide and Printing Notes - School Tips ..how i study *helpful tips* Back to School Supplies Haul and Organization Tips 2014

Friday, September 5, 2014

Desk 2014 ~ Desk Organization Ideas

desk organizers ideas .. How to Organize Your Desk .. Desk Organization Ideas .. Desk Organization Ideas ~ How To Organize Your Desk 

Keep the top of your desk clear The top of your desk should be as clear as possible except for those items you consistently use throughout the day.

You feel organized, your  room stays cleaner and it makes working in it more enjoyable and less claustrophobic.
Organizer  Office supplies Groups
Organizer to keep Office supplies, important notes and information
Desk size
Desk size Is your desk the proper size for your needs?In addition to a large desktop your desk should have enough drawers and file space to meet your needs.Having drawers that can hold both legal and regular size file is necessary for organizing office supplies.
Your files
Having unneeded files stored in your desk or in an office leads to clutter.

Organize your drawers
You can purchase organizers that will allow you to keep your drawers neat and clean so you do not have to fish around to find what you are looking for.

Computers are everywhere and so are their cables.
Wires and plugs, what a mess - but not with computer cable organizers.Are all the wires and cables from your monitor and printer hanging down the back of your desk for the world to see a tangled maze of cords?How frustrating is it to charge your cell phone, use your head phones or iPod with all that extra wire?

How to Hide Wires & Cables 
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