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How to Organize Your Desk Drawers by Alejandra

How to Organize Your Desk Drawers by Alejandra

How to Organize Your Desk Drawers by Alejandra

5 Design Tips for Creating the Nursery Room

Planning for your baby is one of the most exciting times for new parents.The place where your child will learn, play and grow.

A baby's room can get cluttered fast, especially if it is the first child since everyone goes nuts with gift giving for the first baby a couple has.

1-The walls and the floor:
Actually the walls and the floor are the most important and the hardest to choose. it may be better to choose the actual baby-room wallpaper before you start getting all the other items for the nursery.

Keep in mind that your baby will also have its own taste, being a separate individual and it already becomes a kind of impossible task.

No matter what ideas you have for the nursery do not start painting it without spending some more time thinking about what will follow.The idea is to do something timeless, more classic rather than trendy, if you don't want to renovate the room every two years.

2-Baby Crib: 
Your baby's crib will be the highlight of the room and usually dictates the style of the rest of your furniture.There are many different types of cribs available today.Those include round cribs and convertible cribs which convert into "big kid" beds allowing you to extend the life of the furniture from months to years.Color Black, white or wood.

3-Storage bins:
One of the things that you will want to do is look at storage bins that are available on rollers or casters.
The cool thing about the storage carts with wheels is that they are easy to move around and can be easily updated and changed as the child grows up.Another great option is the under the crib variety of storage unit.
4-Changing table:
The majority of new parents these days will have a changing table that will hold a variety of your baby's needs as well as diapers.

The best thing to do is have an array of bins that will hold anything from diaper creams, teething supplies, baby towels, and more.This way you not only have a matching piece of furniture but also something functional.

5-Monitor Nursery Room screams at infant to wake up:

If the room is more than a few steps away opt to use a portable monitor that you can take with you wherever you are in the house.

When you plan the layout of the room, position furniture and decor so that you can move around freely and seamlessly flow to feed your baby, change diapers etc.

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Baby Monitor , 5 Design Tips for Creating the Nursery Room 

How to Organize Your Desk 2014 ~ Desk top organizers

desk organizers ideas .. How to Organize Your Desk .. Desk Organization Ideas .. Desk Organization Ideas ~ How To Organize Your Desk 

Desk top organizers will save you time, frustration and more importantly allow you to get more work done.

Desk Top Organizers Increase Productivity

Clutter robs concentration because it distracts the mind with too much tangled data to handle at one time. But desk top organizers immediately address all of these issues and many more.Best of all, you'll feel in control, and as your concentration level rises a couple of notches, so will your level of production and income.

There is a wide variety of organizers made available in the market that we can look for to achieve our goal of a more organized look.
They range from storage organizers, wall organizers, hanging organizers, closet organizers, photo organizers,  makeup organizers, jewelry organizers  and desk organizers.

As you might have noticed, all these organizers depend on the type of personality 

A convenient sized desk organizer, in solid woods, plastics or steel mesh, is available in multiple shapes and sizes to provide quick and easy access to documents and writing instruments in its stacking sorters, vertical file holders, slide-out drawers, and accessories compartments.

A multi-slot organizer, made in compressed wood, clear acrylic or steel mesh, comes with 4 to 12 adjustable or removable shelves for complete ease in tailoring a preferred layout.

A more spacious vertical or horizontal area is prefect for papers, files, binders or envelopes, while smaller compartments or drawers are great for pens, notes, and similar office necessities.

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organizing baby room- Nursery in Master Bedroom

Decor Tips for Sharing the Master Bedroom with Baby..Nursery in Master Bedroom
When a new baby joins the family, certain adjustments need to be made at home. Putting up an extra space in your master bedroom and making it a nursery area is really a wise thing to make especially when you’ve limited rooms in your own home. The following tips can help you create a nursery space in your master bedroom that is convenient for you and your baby.

Furniture Choices:  The traditional nursery suite of furniture isn't as necessary as baby companies will have you believe. If you are sharing your room due to a lack of space, you can put the traditional rocking or nursing chair in the living room or use something that you already own in the living room. The changing table is also a hefty investment that doesn't last long and a regular low dresser can be substituted by simply placing a changing pad on top. 
grey + yellow + white

grey + yellow + white

Decorate the Nook: This step will really make the baby space feel like its own and this could be anything from a wall decal to painting an accent wall in the nursery corner.

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BUYING FOR BABY?! || Pre-Baby Must-Haves (0 months)

BUYING FOR BABY?! || Pre-Baby Must-Haves (0 months)

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Top 5 Walk-In Shower Designs for Any Bathroom

Since the invention of walk-in showers, we have come a long way. A decade ago you could brag about having a walk-in shower and everybody was impressed. Today they tell you 'Yes, you have a shower, that is great. But what kind of walk-in shower design do you have?'.

Showers have become a new standard in modern bathroom design. What matters is not if you have one or not, but what kind of design it is, if it fits into your bathroom, how does it enhance the look and feel of the place. As fashion designers always work to create the new fashion revolutions, so do intern designers spend a lot of time improving, making most sleek and creative walk-in shower designs.

You don't have to have a huge bathroom to fit a walk-in shower in. We've prepared you a list of top 5 walk-in shower designs that fit any bathroom, because they tend to take less than 2 square meters of space. But above all, they have innovative design and will relieve you of stress by just looking at them.

Desk Top

Simple and sleek, this walk-in shower is ideal for pretty much any bathroom. It is smaller than a bath tub and very affordable. Taking shower with Desk Top is a very open and joyous experience. It is made of a single piece of quality wood, giving it one of the cleanest walk-in shower on the market.

Sea Spiral

If you prefer a more closed walk-in shower design and have a little more space, then Sea Spiral is a great choice. A round window will remind you of being on a ship, looking outside, and the beautiful wall will provide the intimacy you might desire under the shower. A bit pricy for the pocket, it will nonetheless give you a chance to experience the freedom of the sea before going to a peaceful sleep.

The Matrix

Some walk-in shower designs look like they came out of a sci-fi movie - the Matrix is one of the best in this walk-in shower designs genre. With adjustable shower heads you can custom design you own showering experience every time. The beauty of this design is that it looks out of this world and at the same time costs you one a single square meter of space. Now there is no excuse you don't have space in your bathroom to put a shower in.

The Rotor

Want a shower design that your friends will be astonished about? Here is The Rotor. Looks like a rotor, works like a rotor, but it is a walk-in shower design that conjures up a ravishing experience. While taking a shower, the rotor, well, rotates sending spirals of water droplets on your whole body. It is described as must-have shower design for younger generations.

The 80s

On the other hand, if you were young in the 80's, you might enjoy reliving the famous decade while showering in this colorful shower design. Artistically made it gives you an experience that will stimulate your creativity. This shower design also gives you enough space to dance and sing, so add a little Cyndi Lauper to the mix and starts the day dancing and singing.
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A Better Organized Kitchen ..Plastic drawer inserts

Cluttered drawers waste time, lead to accidents and ruin utensils.

This type of plastic drawer insert comes in both shallow and deep styles. Other options include a partial or full secondary tray. This makes this type of plastic drawer insert an exceptionally versatile solution to any storage need.

The selection of   Drawer Organizers for the kitchen should aim to:

-contribute to smart, effortless workflow
-put everything within reach
-increase customization
-help keep the kitchen clean and uncluttered.

-Choose  size fit  drawers size.
-Plastic drawer organizers,washable and very affordable.

Plastic draw are also easy to clean. 

Kitchens can be dirty places; especially when a great cook is at work. Spills and drips happen on a regular bases. A damp sponge is usually sufficient to clean a dirty plastic draw insert. A soak in the sink can be used to cleanup much bigger messes.

By adding drawers under the sink, I was able to organize all of our extra sponges, wash rags and towels.
Since the drawers are clear .Taking up less under sink space and using the vertical area inside instead!

 dishwasher tabs into a clear airtight container.
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 fit any drawer size .. Organizing Under the Kitchen Sink.. Organizational tips for your activewear .A Better Organized Kitchen ..Plastic drawer inserts.. Organizing Under the Kitchen Sink .. drawer organizati .. Plastic drawer inserts .. A Better Organized Kitchen ..Plastic drawer inserts ..Plastic Drawer Inserts for a Better Organized Kitchen .. Plastic Drawer Organizers ..Plastic Drawer Organizers | Kitchen Drawer Organization |  Kitchen accessories ..Plastic Drawer Organizers. Drawer Organizers ..paper towels ..   Kitchen Drawer  Organizers  /  Plastic Drawer Organizers
Kitchen Cutlery Drawer Tray Insert
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