How to Design Your Own Bathroom Towels

    Choose a color towels
    Try oranges and reds for autumn, greens and browns for winter with accents of pine cones and holly, pastels for spring and bright primary colors with sea shell accents for summer.

    Remember that colors have different effects, and presuming you want a haven of peace and tranquility, you should choose a color that will help you achieve this effect.

    First of all, it's important to realize that color has a definite effect on our emotions, even though we might react differently to other people.For example, a sick person will feel more comfortable in a neutral room rather than a room that features bright colors.

    The color wheel
    Introducing complementary colors to the bathroom
    Choosing your palette is the first step to ensuring that your finished bathroom will exude the look that you intend.

    Decorating with bath towels.
    Try these simple ideas to give an instant make over to your bathroom:

    Accessories your hand

    The color reddish-orange inspires feelings of warmth, vibrancy and youth.Using it in your bathroom design can create a cozy, yet energizing place to start your day.There are numerous ways of incorporating reddish-orange into your bathroom design.The key is to balance them slightly to avoid overwhelming the space with this intense color.

    Every good bathroom design needs one good focal point on which to project the eye.When using a bold color like reddish-orange, your focal point can become any one place where you use this color in a dramatic way.
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