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Ideas on the use of accent color and accent lighting

Ideas on the use of accent color and accent lighting  ..Ideas on the use of accent color and accent lighting 
 How to establish a balance of brightness in your room( Clean  crisp lines coupled with bright)?

Bright colors are meant to liven up a room and give it light,Here are some ideas on the use of accent color and accent lighting to make a difference to any room in your home.
 let's assume that your living room is decorated with a fairly normally decorated and furnished living room.

You can then select a home accent color to offer a contrast. An accent catches the eye, and accent colors tend to be bold yellows, reds or oranges.

Accent pillows are easy ways to bring another pop of color in a room.

Pillows and frame
Reds, oranges and yellows are the most popular accent colors.

You can get or make these pillows in the same color as your rugs, and then all you have to do is throw them around so there is more color in the space.

 bright Pink with a Yellow theme 
Print and television advertising companies spend tons of money and time to make sure their materials look perfect.You can easily steal from these ideas.

Yellow - zebra

 Accent lighting can also be used with an accent color to draw the eye to an area of a room.
Bright Pink

Bright green

 A bright blue could be used as an accent  .

Where bright blue would act as an accent would be in a room decorated with a yellow theme.

A bright blue  with a Pink theme

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Be Young Women all the time-Choose Cushions

Fluffy, colorful and glamorous Cushions can serve a lot of purposes besides providing comfort. Quirky Cushions Add some light-hearted entertainment to your bedroom by investing in cushions shaped like giant lips or immense hearts!These look faintly surreal and completely fantastic when placed on your bed or bedroom chair and instantly lift the mood of anyone who sees them.there are a wealth of designer cushions to choose from on the market today.

Cushions can enhance any room giving a luxurious ambience of taste and style.

The attraction of creativity
If you had to pick your partner solely on looking at their room, which one would you go for?
Women mainly choose the second, men are unanimous.We love creativity in women.

Imagine walking in to two bedrooms One is clean, sparse, well decorated paintings hang on appropriate walls.It covers a total of bed pillows bright .In the other  Faint-like snow, do not have any creativity

Using designer cushions really make the finishing touches to any space inside or out so indulge yourself and they will remain a constant source of admiration.
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How to Design Your Own Bathroom Towels

Choose a color towels
Try oranges and reds for autumn, greens and browns for winter with accents of pine cones and holly, pastels for spring and bright primary colors with sea shell accents for summer.

Remember that colors have different effects, and presuming you want a haven of peace and tranquility, you should choose a color that will help you achieve this effect.

First of all, it's important to realize that color has a definite effect on our emotions, even though we might react differently to other people.For example, a sick person will feel more comfortable in a neutral room rather than a room that features bright colors.

The color wheel
Introducing complementary colors to the bathroom
Choosing your palette is the first step to ensuring that your finished bathroom will exude the look that you intend.

Decorating with bath towels.
Try these simple ideas to give an instant make over to your bathroom:

Accessories your hand

The color reddish-orange inspires feelings of warmth, vibrancy and youth.Using it in your bathroom design can create a cozy, yet energizing place to start your day.There are numerous ways of incorporating reddish-orange into your bathroom design.The key is to balance them slightly to avoid overwhelming the space with this intense color.

Every good bathroom design needs one good focal point on which to project the eye.When using a bold color like reddish-orange, your focal point can become any one place where you use this color in a dramatic way.
Bridal Shower Gift

11 Easy Bathroom Style Tricks
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