Best decoration orange and black steps..Modern Living Room 2014

    Best decoration orange and black steps..Modern Living Room 2014
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    How to Decorate a Modern Living Room?
    Modern Living Room
    Clean lines and simple color schemes are the order of the day for a modern living room.
    1-A base color scheme should consist of neutral colors, including white, beige, and black.

    2-Add punches of bright color.
    In small doses, a bright color can bring a sense of life and vitality into a living room.

    Decorate according to the basic 60-30-10 rule.
    According to this standard guideline, 60 percent of your living room should be a dominant color, 30 percent should be a secondary color, and 10 percent should be an accent color. All three colors must coordinate well with one another.
    -White acts as the dominant color in most modern living rooms.

    3-Shop around until you find modern room accessories you genuinely like instead of settling on pieces that are modern but unappealing.

    4-Focus on geometric and angular shapes. Squares and rectangles are shapes frequently found in the modern style living room, as is any shape consisting of straight lines and angular edges.
    5-Keep things light. Modern living rooms typically have a lot of light flowing in. Large windows that allow sunlight to stream in at an angle are best, but sources of artificial light are just as important.

    6-Make ample use of artwork. Modern paintings and statement sculptures quickly become the focal point of an otherwise neutral room.
    (As points of visual interest )

    7-Black furniture adds appropriate contrast against white walls .
    Decorate your furniture with throw pillows in bright adds just enough visual interest to serve as an fitting focal point.
    8-Look for a glass coffee table. Glass is a shiny material that remains relatively low-key, which may work well in many modern living rooms.
    9-Select a square rug that adds straight lines and sharp angles to the room.


    10-Geometric vases filled with orchids can add just enough visual interest to the room to make it look lived in, but do not flood the room with too much unnecessary detail.

    11-  Hang a painting or two on a bare wall to draw the eye 




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