Sunday, March 2, 2014

Shoe boxes Organizing Ideas-Why We Use Shoeboxes

The Container Store’s Shoe Box. Clear plastic and stackable these can be used for so much more than than shoes.
find a few different sizes of containers that are pretty one-size-fits-all and use them for everything.
Shoe boxes are great! The plastic shoe boxes {usually around $1-2 at Costco, Walmart, or dollar store}

How To  Clean Up Chargers and Cords
Using Shoe boxes. 
kitchen Organizing Tips
-Forks, spoons, knives & straws all are stored in plastic shoe boxes.That way, it can be easily pulled out of the cabinet & ready for use when needed.label these boxes using a stick on labels.
-Organizing Plastic Containers. keep  plastic shoe boxes lids off, and then place all the plastic containers on one and the lids on the other.
-Storing leftover food in the fridge.
-under kitchen sink to hold cleaning supplies and household item

In the bathroom   top drawer is divided using  plastic shoe boxes  .under the  and bathroom sink to hold toiletries
How to Organize Kids Room
 kids' rooms Organizing Tips
Or lots of toys in the kids' rooms
How to begin?Here are some more tips to help you.
Tip 1: Get some containers

Tip 2: Sit down and start sorting.

Tip 3: Donate or give away the toys that you child has grown out of or doesn't play with.

Tip 4:Containerize what you have left and label each container.

Tip 5:  Make sure that you have the most used toys accessible or at eye level.

Tip 6: Engage your kids. You would be amazed at how many kids will actually help you with the process. Make a game out of it.

Shoe boxes are a great, cheap solution.

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