Organize the toy room 2014-My Favourite Toy Organizing System

    If you've got kids, you've got toys.Here are some tips on how to organize the toys so that they don't take over your home.

    -Toy storage bins are helpful in many ways. These toy organizing systems of containers and baskets can not only store your kids toys, but also be a teaching tool.o Use small, clear, open plastic bins (no lids) on shelves and sort toys into similar categories to make finding and tidying up a breeze.Small, lightweight containers with handles are easier to pull off the shelf.Label them with pictures if your child is too young to read.

    -If you are looking for a better way to store your child's toys than in a big box, then toy storage bins are worth a look. There are usually multiple slots and bins for use as storing units for toys of all shapes and sizes. Having them organized and separated will help them stay intact and prevent them from being broken easily as when storing in one big box.

    -For older children, use plastic freezer bags that zip up to keep small game pieces or puzzle pieces together.
    Small children may put the bags over their heads, which could pose a hazard.

    - To keep the toy room tidy, have a 15-minute clean-up time everyday and explain to kids that the alternative is spending a whole Saturday cleaning up.Use a timer and put on some of their favorite music to add an element of novelty.

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