How to organize a baby's closet -How To Organize your new baby's room

    It may not be something you have thought about buying for your baby's nursery, but a baby closet organizer is a must have for any new parent. Babies can accumulate a lot of stuff right from the start of their lives. Think about it... they get stuff for their room even before they are born.
    There are many different types of baby closet organization systems that can range from very inexpensive and easy to install to custom closet designs that can be quite pricey.

    Perhaps the best feature of baby closet organizers that is particularly beneficial is that the unit can grow with your baby.

    To begin organization, you may consider taking stock in what you have to work with by spreading everything out of the floor. This is helpful because then you can see at a glance the things you need to sort through. You might categorize your items into groups such as: diapers, medications/first aid, layettes, socks, one pieces, shirts, fancy dress, shoes, pajamas, blankets, toys, pacifiers and/or burping cloths.

    Once you have everything neatly organized into categories, you can then get a better idea on where to store those items, whether in a basket, on a shelf or on a hanger.

     basket on a shelf 

     hanger bar

     hanger separators that divide clothing by months.This allows you to organize the clothing appropriately so you don't have to sift through clothing that is 9 months too big when looking for clothes for the day.

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