Best way to protect children in the Home-Safety in the Home

    Active toddlers will do that to you. But with the right products, like the ones we carry from brands like Safety 1st, Lascal and Kidco, baby-proofing is quick, easy and just about foolproof. 
    Here are a few things to keep in mind as you get started.
    Kitchen safety
    Stove Knob Covers
    Microwave, oven , stove

    There aren't many rooms in the house that would require more baby proofing than the kitchen.There are so many things to open, knobs to turn and buttons to push, that any curious little child will be inspired to explore.

    Stove Guard

    cabinet lock

    Safety Multi-Lock
     keeps cabinets and drawers secure
      Can be used on refrigerators, cupboards, drawers and most other kitchen equipment, except the oven...etc.

    Toilet Lock

    Spring Action Lock

    Safety  Table  Bumper 

    Details about   Glass Table Edge Guard

    Baby Safety Gates
    Child safety gates are the first line of attack against injury and fall for your growing baby.  It’s also the first thing parent things of when they think of where to start when babyproofing the home. 

    Safety Electrical
    Plug socket safety
    Plug sockets, or power outlets, are one of the primary danger spots for children. Thousands of injuries every year are caused by unprotected plug sockets. To prevent curious fingers poking into places where they shouldn’t, install plug socket covers to every power outlet in the home.

    Plug socket covers should be designed to be tamper-resistant as recent studies have found that toddlers aged 2-4 were still capable of removing basic covers. Choose socket covers that have a twist and pull mechanism or ones that require the plug to be used as a key for removal.

    Universal Double Socket Cover
    We’re a long way from technology and appliances being truly cordless so until that day comes electrical cords and cables represent a real danger to your baby or toddler. Wherever possible, hide cords and cables so your infants can’t see them, chew them, pull them or trip over them.

    Infant Safety in the Home

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