Best cleaning for refrigerator
     Clean Your Refrigerator
    First, turn off the power
    1-Defrost your freezer
    2-Take out everything

    3-Clean and disinfect the inside walls of the freezer compartment, refrigerator, the shelves, and all along the door seal. You can kill and prevent mildew by wiping the inside of your refrigerator with pure white vinegar.
    Clean the interior of the fridge - mix one tablespoon vinegar to 16 ounces water and put in a spray bottle – spray on shelves and walls on interior of refrigerator and wipe clean. This same solution can also be used on the exterior of your refrigerator.

     4-Vinegar discourages and prevents the growth of mildew, molds and other undesirable bacteria.

    5-Take out each shelf and wash it in the sink with some hot, soapy water. 
    Image source:live simply by annie

    You use a paste of baking soda and water to clean off really stuck on food. While the shelf is drying a bit, I wash the walls of the fridge behind where I removed the shelf with a damp cloth. 

    Dry the shelf and put it back.

    6-Clean the floor underneath the fridge

    7-Place an open box of baking soda on the top shelf to mitigate strong odors
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