Friday, December 13, 2013

Best Gray Bedroom - Elegant Design Ideas

Next to black and brown, gray has always been acclaimed as a color of elegance. It is chic, sleek, stylish and truly classy. The subdued color denotes simplicity, yet exuding grace and superb fashion sense.

Gray is always a perfect choice if you want your room to look stunning and truly awesome.

Black, white and gray are a distinctive group of neutrals that allow for endless variations.
When kept in black, white and gray, the result will always be refined and attractive.
A rhythm of gray and white can be repeated throughout the small bedroom: the walls can be painted in a light gray; ceiling, doors and window frames in off-white.Bed linen can be in off-white with gray trimmings or the other way round, gray with white accents.

Metallic Wall Finishes 
It is possible to purchase silver paint for your bedroom walls.Painting every wall a metallic shade might be overkill, but you can choose one wall, such as the wall behind your bed, to make an accent wall.
Another option is to hang silver wallpaper.

Silver Bedroom Furniture 
Bedroom furniture is available in metal finishes, including brushed nickel and chrome.
Silver Bed Linens 
 One of the most popular ways to incorporate silver into a bedroom decor scheme is by purchasing metallic bed linens.I personally love grey bedlinen.
 grey bedlinen
The lovely effect of a gray duvet cover could be further highlighted by making sure that other decor in the bedroom are in harmony with gray.

 There are also those that have prints( geometrical patterns).

 grey bedlinen

These colors always effectuate a sense of sophistication inside the bedroom.

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