Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Wonderful Design- Room Tour With Rebecca Robeson

The homes nowadays in our modern time are using the available spaces in the living room and embracing the informal living room decor to make the best of a significant less formal space but keeping it special still.
We need a room that has a multi-functional purpose which also blends with style and comfort.

Design Details of Daughter's First Apartment | Room Tour With Rebecca Robeson
There are some things that you should put into consideration when you are searching for living room decor:

Metal shelves

With a variety of materials and designs in the market today, choosing the best for your needs can be quite easy.Wooden shelves are ideal in most organizing jobs.They are less expensive and are easy to install.
 Metal shelves are more appropriate as they are sturdier than wood shelves.

How to Organize metal shelves?
Find the Right Shelving Unit The first step to finding the right set of metal shelves is to measure the open space inside wall.

T. V area

The Informal Living Room Decor

Heavy draperies
Two colors(Beige and gray)

 Dining room:

Dining rooms are one of the most important rooms (after the kitchen) in the house when it comes .
 How to maximize the look and size of your dining room?
  A round table, four Or five dining room chairs.

Rebecca Robeson also gave us a few, helpful tips when it comes to enhancing your dining room and making this crucial room sparkle, and just as importantly, look bigger:
A circular dining room table makes the room look bigger and generally fits better within the room.
And having a chandelier and matching table lamps on a credenza, for example, allows more flexibility with the lightening and therefore more ability to influence the mood and look that you are trying to create.

A round Chandelier as table

Console Table


Chandelier bedroom

Friday, December 13, 2013

Best Gray Bedroom - Elegant Design Ideas

Next to black and brown, gray has always been acclaimed as a color of elegance. It is chic, sleek, stylish and truly classy. The subdued color denotes simplicity, yet exuding grace and superb fashion sense.

Gray is always a perfect choice if you want your room to look stunning and truly awesome.

Black, white and gray are a distinctive group of neutrals that allow for endless variations.
When kept in black, white and gray, the result will always be refined and attractive.
A rhythm of gray and white can be repeated throughout the small bedroom: the walls can be painted in a light gray; ceiling, doors and window frames in off-white.Bed linen can be in off-white with gray trimmings or the other way round, gray with white accents.

Metallic Wall Finishes 
It is possible to purchase silver paint for your bedroom walls.Painting every wall a metallic shade might be overkill, but you can choose one wall, such as the wall behind your bed, to make an accent wall.
Another option is to hang silver wallpaper.

Silver Bedroom Furniture 
Bedroom furniture is available in metal finishes, including brushed nickel and chrome.

Silver Bed Linens 
 One of the most popular ways to incorporate silver into a bedroom decor scheme is by purchasing metallic bed linens.I personally love grey bedlinen.
 grey bedlinen
The lovely effect of a gray duvet cover could be further highlighted by making sure that other decor in the bedroom are in harmony with gray.

 There are also those that have prints( geometrical patterns).

 grey bedlinen

These colors always effectuate a sense of sophistication inside the bedroom.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Modern apartment kitchen 2014-Kitchen Decor Tips

A kitchen takes a prominent role in any house.When you visit someone for the first time, you always look into it to see how a person is like.

.the apartment tv

These are several ideas for you!

Use all available space

The wall above the sink are most often wasted- adding recessed shelves with designer cookware for microwave displayed on it can be a good idea to style up the look of your kitchen space.


First consider your wall colors, the warmth of earth tones will work in your favor to enhance any other decorative accents you may choose for your kitchen.


 A great way to give your it a unique look is to experiment with cooking accessories. However it is very important to match the colors of the accessories with the rest of the cooking facilities. Go wrong and it will look like a circus.

When you have a black kitchen, than silver accessories match up very well. This is an excellent way to give your stylish kitchen a little bit of a retro look. There are many different red accessories on the market but you could start easy with some silver canisters or a silver oven or toaster. Do not overdo it when you start decorating your kitchen. It is best to start light and see how many more accessories you can add. Also do not use too many colors. Keep it simple and effective to give it the design you want.

Silver accessories are an excellent way to give it a unique design. You can not go bad with silver.

Make sure any curtains you choose will complement the wall color in your kitchen.
Ceramic Kitchen Decor

When doing the purchase it is always good to buy more than you will need as some may crack or break, hence the need for more. It's also good to go for smaller tiles if your kitchen is small as the big tiles tend to overshadow a small kitchen. If you want to add some visual appeal to your kitchen. It is also good to go for a diagonal ceramic kitchen decor.

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