Reface kitchen cabinets , instead of cabinet replacement , lets you upgrade your kitchen at a price you can afford and allows the new custom look you desire . If you plan to reface kitchen cabinets , you have discovered it is not cheap and that a significant portion of the cost is for cabinetry . In addition, new kitchen cabinets can be expensive and time consuming to install.

    All is not lost however. As long as your cabinets are in good condition, with these alternatives you can give your kitchen a fabulous new look quickly , without busting your budget.

    By Sarah

    The most visible and used elements of your kitchen cabinets are also the most abused kitchen. It is therefore logical that after all cabinets start to look tired and worn out , and so does your kitchen. The fact is that most kitchen cabinets are in good structural condition and only needs a new look. With many colors , stains and wood veneer kitchen cabinets or finish grinding is a surefire way to transform your kitchen from old and worn to a new radical new look , which is best for you .

    The least expensive solution of the two , unless you want to spend time and money on an excellent job of kitchen remodeling (reface kitchen cabinets), kitchen cabinets is finished . Finish kitchen cabinet is made either paint or stain the cabinets and cabinet doors . This is very cheap compared to cabinet replacement and can improve with dramatic effect the look of your kitchen.

     For best results , a professional should paint or stain the cabinets. Excellent results can be achieved by finishing formed at low cost. However , it is possible a DIY job if you have the time and tools you can easily change your kitchen cabinets and save even more.

    Reface kitchen cabinets:

    Resurfacing kitchen cabinets is more expensive than cabinet finish, but still a fraction of the cost of replacing them . Here's how it works , old cabinets and drawers are removed doors , stripped and inspected for damage then the door and drawer fronts are replaced with new surfaces ranging from new laminate wood veneer .
     The cabinet frames and exterior surfaces are covered or corrected to match and inside the cabinets are cleaned and painted kitchen cabinets complete rectification.

    If the kitchen cabinet hardware is not damaged , you can clean and reinstall. However, this is a good time to choose a new cabinet hardware , doing you can add your personality to the kitchen and complete the stunning transformation of your new look, kitchen cabinets corrected or restored for cheap.

    The time required to reface kitchen cabinets or kitchen cabinet finishing depends on the size of the kitchen , but usually can be completed in 3-5 days. This means that your kitchen is not a total disaster unusable for weeks or even months that cabinet replacement requires.

    Buying all new cabinets for a complete remodeling of the kitchen is not in the budget of most homeowners . But as you can see on your kitchen does not have to break the bank or take time. Kitchen and home can have a simply superb rectify kitchen cabinets or reface kitchen cabinets (refinishing kitchen cabinets).

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