Thursday, September 26, 2013

Best Creative Uses of Picture Frame

Better way tophotos and decorate your home with picture frame décor.There are so many beautiful options available today when it comes to picture frames, who can resist having a few of them scattered throughout the home. You now have a variety of colors, sizes, shapes and different materials to choose from that can greatly enhance any décor.

Keep in mind that photos are not the only thing that you can place in a picture frame. You can also place that beautiful drawing, heartfelt poem or special certificate inside a unique picture frame so they can be displayed for all to see.

Determining where to place your framed pictures is one of the challenges involved with home decorating.
You can leave them in their natural wood color or paint and stain them.
Decorating wooden frames is fun. You have free reign over how the finished project will look. Take for example the use of empty wall frames. You can take an assortment of inexpensive picture frames and line them up as you please to create a funky wall pattern. You will need contract paper, a tape measure, and wire cutters. Measure out the wall space you want to use and take note of it. Roll out contractor paper on a flat surface. This will be your layout sheet for you to play around with frame placement. Take the frames you want and trace the positions once you're happy with the order. Label the frames so you know the corresponding layout. Take the frames and remove any artwork. Take out the backs and cut off the picture wire with the cutters. Now they're ready to be painted or stained. You can use whatever color you want. Try to get an even coat all around the frame. Once it's dry you can start hanging.

Black Frame decor

Burlap frame

frame Pink from time2save
Some ideas for frame burlap



Colored Frame

Baby room
 Your baby keepsakes
If you don't want a big picture then try putting quite a lot of baby frames.

An ultrasound picture frame
An ultrasound picture frame is a wonderful idea to display your baby's first picture.
Sonogram picture frames are also gaining a lot of popularity day by day.
They create a beautiful atmosphere in your living room with enchanting music that will touch your soul.

  Frame Jewelry
 Creative Uses of an Old Picture Frame
Instead of throwing these frames away in the garbage, we can make better use of them.
Picture Frames as a Jewelry Box: Yes, we can use a picture frame as a jewelry box.

studs and pearls

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