Monday, August 26, 2013

How to organize kids closet

Kids' room project -How to Organize Kids Room -how to organize kids closet

There are several ways to keep the closet organized and accessible to a child without spending much money or time. Organizing expert Louise Kurzeka shares her top 10 tips:

1. First, remove everything from the closet and sort, establishing what stays and what goes.

Two. Use the top shelf to store off-season clothes or hand-me-down from an older brother. Store in labeled containers per season (fall / winter, spring / summer) or by size (3T, for example). Exit the station at the rear cabinet dresses.

3. Place a cardboard box on a top shelf for donations. As the child grows more items, you will immediately be placed in the donation box(Items that no longer fit were tossed into a donate bin).

4. Pair matching outfits and store them on a hanger.

5. Place a kitchen trash can on the floor height of the cabinet and use it as a laundry basket. Children are more likely to use a shopping cart / clothing when near where they change their clothes.

6. Place a basket at the bottom of the cabinet for storing stuffed animals.

7. For young children, it may be easier to create a home for shoes by designating a container on the floor of the closet.

8. Install a hanging accessory bag with at least seven rays. Label each shelf with a day of the week and put a full team each dressed for school in a heartbeat.

9. A hanging shoe bag is a great organizational tool for holding small stuffed animals, dolls and figures.

10. For the signature of an older child who has metal shelving, consider placing plastic shelf liners heavy on the shelves. Items such as souvenirs and collectible figurines will be less likely to fall through the shelves.

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