There are three basic ways to renew the cabinets. The first, and most expensive, is to abolish the old order or the construction of new ones. It also involves the installation of kitchen cabinets that adds to the task. The second option is to strip and apply a paint finish or stain and / or polyurethane.

    The third option is the surface of the kitchen cabinets and installing new knobs and pulls to give a whole new look. Most or all of the work can be done by the owner, which saves even more money on labor costs.

    Reface Kitchen Cabinets to Save Money
    Finishing materials

    Roll-on, self-adhesive sheet. This can be purchased from a manufacturer facelift.
    Self-closing hinges. This avoids the hassle of installation and adjustment of magnetic catch or friction.
    Drawer and door knobs or handles. Really showcase Cabinets and may match the decor or theme of the room.
    Decorative molding, if desired.
    New custom doors and drawer fronts, if the plan is to finish the existing ones.
    Refinish drawer fronts and doors or new order

    This is a good time to measure and order new doors and drawer fronts. Order them and plates from the same manufacturer or joiner cleaning to ensure getting a good match. Alternatively, a practical carpenter can build.

    The other option is to remove the old and stained to match the color of the plate.

    Reface Kitchen Cabinets to Save Money
    Prep cabinets

    The first thing to do is remove the drawers and door panels. Do not forget to number the drawers if desired go where they are supposed to late. Unscrew the hinges executives face. The best and fastest way is to use a cordless drill with screw tip of the right size.

    After preparedness frames. Start by applying wood filler in the holes left by the hinges. After sanding. If the surface is oily, clean with ATP (rhodium phosphate) first.

    Applying Appearances

    Cut and install wooden poles (poles) of the head of the first frame. A wider and longer than necessary and cut with a sharp knife cut the bit. It helps to use a laminate (Formic) j-roller to get a good grip.

    Then, cut and install the rails. Each piece should be long enough to cover the amount of sheet halfway. They installed the amounts and purpose. The use of a square or a combination of the square of the speed as a rule aligned with the edge of the stiles and rails to cut through with a knife. Remove the piece of rail.

    Reface Kitchen Cabinets to Save Money
    Complete resurfacing project

    Any stain or other finishes can be made at this stage. All that remains now is to reinstall the hinges, doors, drawer fronts and handles.
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