Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Locker Organizing Tips-How to organize your locker

Locker Organizing Tips

Many people looking to organize their lockers are trying to organize the traditional school locker.
Arguably the most common and important category set in these lockers are :

Writing Supplies
Tools such as calculators, etc.
Personal Supplies such as money, lunch, makeup etc.
Class Schedule
Class notes & handouts (current & past)
Homework (to be done & completed)
School Announcements/Flyers/Permission Slips, etc.
Research Projects
Extra Curricular Activities supplies
Electronics (MP3 players, Laptop, Computer, PDA Etc.)

Critical steps:

1-By default, keep your heavier binders and books on a low shelf and keep your smaller, lighter books on a higher shelf.

2-Organized and easy to access is to label the spot where each book and binder should be placed.

3-Make sure the label on each spot clearly matches the book and binder meant for each spot.

4-Mastering your labeling system will make a big difference in your ability to reduce locker access time.

5-Labeling can go hand in hand with minimal, deliberate use of magnets.Labeling determines where important things go, while magnets help keep less important things out-of-the-way.

6-A better choice would be to keep your pens and pencils in a hanging organizer on you locker door or clipped into a magnetic pencil holder.

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