Sunday, May 26, 2013

Best Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Tips Video

Refacing the kitchen is a fairly simple process, and the main consideration before choosing to start a cabinet refacing project is determining if the old cabinets to be refaced are sturdy and functional on the inside. The cabinet structure and shelving will remain unchanged while the existing door and drawer facing is removed and resurfaced, or replaced with new material. And, with refacing kitchen cabinets you don't have to sacrifice any style because material choices can range from solid wood and laminate, to veneers, and more.

In most cases a kitchen remodeling will not include any layout change which makes the process of refacing kitchen cabinets a fairly simple one that could be completed in three easy steps.

 First- all of the doors and drawers are removed from the kitchen cabinets.

Tip 1: Label the parts

important to place labels on the inner sides of the components if they are to be removed. This can be done using masking tape and a felt pen. Make sure you do it on the insides to avoid unwanted marking on the outside.

Tip 2: Save all the screws

You certainly will incur added expenses if you lost your screws. During kitchen cabinet refacing, have a magnet or a container alongside; otherwise, those small dickens will grow legs. By keeping the screws, nuts and bolts safely, you will complete your refacing project easily and on time.
Tip3: Clean the Surfaces to be Repainted

Kitchens are work areas, so grease, steam, and food splatters are common. Before you begin sanding or painting, clean all of the surfaces to be repainted with a solution made from one part tri-sodium phosphate and four parts water. Rinse, but do not soak the cabinets with clean water and allow them to dry thoroughly.

 Second - the outside of the cabinets are covered over with a quarter inch veneer. 

Third - all new matching doors and drawers are installed with new hardware and hinges.

You can select from a variety of door styles that include shaker, summit roman, summit cathedral, and color options such as maple, oak or just a traditional white.

Finally, when you settle for refacing in lieu of new cabinets you are unable to alter the layout of your kitchen in order to make it more efficient. New cabinetry allows your kitchen contractor to design a layout that not only suits your purposes, but that adds a modern style and convenience to a newly remodeled kitchen. Suppose you want a double-sink and your sink-base cabinet is only 27" wide. Well, you're out of luck and would be stuck installing another single-bowl sink. Unless you replace your cabinets in order to adjust the kitchen layout properly to accommodate a larger sink and perhaps larger appliances.
How To Reface Your Kitchen Cabinets  Video 


  1. really a nice n creative tips of kitchen cabinet refacing…thanks

  2. I love the cabinet in the top right photo. I am going to try this out and see if I can make it turn out nice. I would love for my cabinets to get a new look.
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