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Replace Or Reface Your Way to a Stylish Kitchen

Replace Or Reface Your Way to a Stylish Kitchen
So you're remodeling and said that the most profitable home to give a facelift to the kitchen is the favorite room. They told the truth! Improvements to your kitchen / existing kitchen can increase the value of your home considerably. There are many things to think about, for example, what areas you should focus on are improving. One of the fastest ways to give the room a new look ways is to replace (or reface) your kitchen cabinet doors.

Maybe you go ahead and choose to delete the old kitchen cabinet doors and buy a new one. If this is the case, if you delete, you must sand and repaint the entire frame. Then you can hang your new and assemble equipment. This will save a lot of time and money, and the possibility of starting any of your existing cabinets and replace the whole lot.

kitchen cabinet doors and drawer fronts are available in different finishes such as wood, laminate and rigid aluminum thermo.

Wood is available raw or prefinished cherry, maple, oak, plantation wood (also known as rubber wood) or birch. Floating can provide the appearance of wood, but at a lower cost. Thermo Foil is a type of rigid vinyl material and is available in a variety of colors. Do not forget to replace your hardware supports, handles and pulls, as it is an integral part of the renovation. Once you have made these reforms can not decide to stop there. These simple practically a whole new room replacements can do!

Prices vary depending on the choices you make. Wood finish will last for years and years, but will be more expensive than laminate. Look what I can afford right now, but consider the value you get for your money. You need to find a balance that works for you and your family now and the end.

You can begin to compare one of the doors of kitchen cabinets online now. Most companies offer free shipping if you order through them. Another advantage is that you can see all the elements right in front of you, side by side, for immediate comparisons. There is no pressure of a salesman trying to sell anything. This can be annoying when you try to make a conscious decision costs. It can be talked into buying more than they had in mind due to the pressure exerted on the site.

His new doors and kitchen cabinet accessories will really brighten up the atmosphere. The first time you have company after the upgrade, be prepared to answer a lot of questions! As for your cool space will become his friend to think in the old dirty home closets! Have this item and links to send e-mail, your friend is sure to ask.
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Reface Vs Replace Kitchen Cabinets

Replacement Kitchen Cabinet Doors 

Are you looking for a way to spruce up your kitchen?

To replace Vs replacing kitchen cabinets has increased to a loss discussions with members of my online community. Loss of people are torn between the two especially as a result of the use of all methods seem to be equally good. Well, I'll show you how these two are different.

Replacing kitchen cabinets

If cabinets are worn and look bad, then you need to think about replacing. You can also consider to start from scratch for the following reasons;

* The design does not appeal to you
* It takes more counter workspace
* It takes more storage
* You need to add new devices as well flooring, wine rack or cabinet
* If you intend to stay longer at home.
* If the value of your home will not increase. You may need to be increased by adding something new.
* Need to improve traffic patterns and work
* If you want to add stronger and more durable cabinets in your kitchen
* You want to face solid wood and plywood not only applied to the surface areas.

Refacing kitchen cabinets

Restoration is simply the process of "play" kitchen cabinets and make them look like new. Just replace the drawer and door panels, and placed some metal to match the new wood species and finish cabinet frames. Why choose to be covered include;

* Your desire for a new look
* The possible length of stay in the house. If you are moving soon then covered.
* The value of your home increases so no need to grow by incorporating new cabinets.
* The savings in terms of costs. It costs much less than the replacement of the cabinet.
* Do you want to make it more attractive to potential buyers, without blowing your budget to do so.
* You can save time and allows you to focus on more pressing issues for the home.

The best advice on reface Vs Replace Kitchen Cabinets

As far as the cost is also a problem, in fact, the difference is only 10% or less. The real answer lies in the current state of your kitchen cabinets.

The best way to decide is to have an expert come to your cabinets at home for a consultation. They not only advise you on the best option, but also the material recommended purchase for repair or replacement of kitchen cabinets.

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Painting Kitchen Cabinets Pictures and Video Steps

Painting Kitchen Cabinets Pictures and Video Steps
Are you tired of living with an old, outdated kitchen? Maybe you would like to update your kitchen to expedite the sale of your home. There are many options available when it comes to remodeling your kitchen, including, replacing, refinishing and painting your cabinets.

The first video

The second video
You will need

1-Remove the cabinet and deconstruct 
Keep all the screws and hinges for each cabinet together.
If they are already squeaky and rusty, you can choose on using a rust remover and lubricant to make sure the hinges are functioning well.


  2-Cleaning the cabinets

 3-Dry with a towel

5-Leave it to dry

6-Various paints can be used to enhance the look of your cabinet

Reface your cabinets is a project that does not require much expansive experience but if you do not think you can be consistent with your work, you can also commission a team to enliven your poor kitchen cabinets. Remember that at the end of the day, it should look well, function well and adapt to the whole look of the space.
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Best Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Tips Video

Refacing the kitchen is a fairly simple process, and the main consideration before choosing to start a cabinet refacing project is determining if the old cabinets to be refaced are sturdy and functional on the inside. The cabinet structure and shelving will remain unchanged while the existing door and drawer facing is removed and resurfaced, or replaced with new material. And, with refacing kitchen cabinets you don't have to sacrifice any style because material choices can range from solid wood and laminate, to veneers, and more.

In most cases a kitchen remodeling will not include any layout change which makes the process of refacing kitchen cabinets a fairly simple one that could be completed in three easy steps.

 First- all of the doors and drawers are removed from the kitchen cabinets.

Tip 1: Label the parts

important to place labels on the inner sides of the components if they are to be removed. This can be done using masking tape and a felt pen. Make sure you do it on the insides to avoid unwanted marking on the outside.

Tip 2: Save all the screws

You certainly will incur added expenses if you lost your screws. During kitchen cabinet refacing, have a magnet or a container alongside; otherwise, those small dickens will grow legs. By keeping the screws, nuts and bolts safely, you will complete your refacing project easily and on time.
Tip3: Clean the Surfaces to be Repainted

Kitchens are work areas, so grease, steam, and food splatters are common. Before you begin sanding or painting, clean all of the surfaces to be repainted with a solution made from one part tri-sodium phosphate and four parts water. Rinse, but do not soak the cabinets with clean water and allow them to dry thoroughly.

 Second - the outside of the cabinets are covered over with a quarter inch veneer. 

Third - all new matching doors and drawers are installed with new hardware and hinges.

You can select from a variety of door styles that include shaker, summit roman, summit cathedral, and color options such as maple, oak or just a traditional white.

Finally, when you settle for refacing in lieu of new cabinets you are unable to alter the layout of your kitchen in order to make it more efficient. New cabinetry allows your kitchen contractor to design a layout that not only suits your purposes, but that adds a modern style and convenience to a newly remodeled kitchen. Suppose you want a double-sink and your sink-base cabinet is only 27" wide. Well, you're out of luck and would be stuck installing another single-bowl sink. Unless you replace your cabinets in order to adjust the kitchen layout properly to accommodate a larger sink and perhaps larger appliances.
How To Reface Your Kitchen Cabinets  Video 

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How to reface kitchen cabinets-reface kitchen cabinets

reface kitchen cabinets reface kitchen cabinets how to reface kitchen cabinets How to reface kitchen cabinets-reface kitchen cabinets cabinet refacing
If you are planning to remodel your kitchen you have found out that it is not cheap and that a significant portion of the cost is for cabinetry.

Also, new kitchen cabinets can be costly and time consuming to install.
The age of the cabinets will determine how you reface
The first thing that influences the project is the age of the cabinets. This has a direct influence on their usability. Also age determines the manner in which you can go about stripping off the paint. 
For example older cabinets tend to have paint with lead, which is dangerous to humans. This means scrapping with sand paper may be dangerous.

The least expensive solution of the two, if you do not want to spend time and money on a big kitchen remodeling job, is refinishing kitchen cabinets(reface kitchen cabinets). Kitchen cabinet refinishing is achieved by either painting or staining the cabinetry and cabinet doors. 

This is very inexpensive compared to cabinet replacement and can improve with dramatic effect the look of your kitchen. For the best results, a professional should paint or stain the cabinets. Great results can be achieved by a trained refinishing professional, inexpensively. However a DIY job is possible, if you have the time and tools you can easily refinish your own kitchen cabinets and save even more.

let us discuss the various ways you can approach the vendors or the questions you can ask in order to know the kitchen cabinet refacing price.

First, you should want to know the general refacing kitchen cabinets cost. Get to know whether the job is priced by the foot or a different measure? Find out if there is a specific charge for removing the doors. Also find out whether the carpenter charges separately for toe kick crowns and so on.

Second, a very important thing you must keep in mind is when a vendor gives you the estimate for the refacing, whether the price includes the cost of materials only or it is inclusive of the cost of both the materials and labor. Insist on having the total estimate, factoring the materials and the labor charges.

Third, find out how they go about their work. For example, how would they work on face frames, European style cabinets that are edged and the toe kicks? How would they go about their work given the different types of cabinets in your kitchen? These are important questions and would need thorough evaluation from your end so that you get the best deal.

Last, find out the time they would take to complete the job. Also, what is important is how much time you can afford to give them to complete the job. Find out whether and how much would the time have a bearing on the kitchen cabinet refacing price. If it does, then try and negotiate the terms and conditions before you accept them.

You need to have a discerning mind and must evaluate all options critically before you go onto have the cabinets in your kitchen refaced. You are spending your hard earned money and have every right to find out whether you will be getting the worth of each dime you are spending.
How to reface kitchen cabinets-reface kitchen cabinets
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Reface Kitchen Cabinets Best Video and picture

Reface Kitchen Cabinets Best Video and picture
If you are getting tired of the way that your kitchen looks but you don't want to spend thousands of dollars to remodel it, then you can make some changes instead. The best thing to do is reface kitchen cabinets, which sounds like it would be difficult but it actually is pretty simple.

 The longer you leave the doors off and the longer you wait between applying different finishes, most likely you will have problems. So when you dive into the correct kitchen cabinets, make sure you have all the tools at hand. If you are very impatient, scan my article on the words in bold. They only list the tools you need.

All sets of surfacing material cabinet must include both a cordless screwdriver and more. You have the cordless drill and driver drill new sets both the new material and greatly accelerate the process of critical screws removed and replaced. However, do you also have to tighten the screws gently with a screwdriver in hand, so keep a flat head and a Phillips screwdriver in hand.

You will then have your trusty hammer and nails. Depending on the amount reface you do, it is possible that the nail and hammer for a variety of tasks. At least, the hammer is on hand to fit and support the drawer runners.

Never start a job like this without a tape measure and a level. I urge you to have both the belt and come to these over and over again.

Passing the cabinet refacing tools need more obvious and greenhouse leverage. Some people try to get away with a hammer to the role of the lever, but I encourage you to do this right and not cut corners. A hammer can damage drawer fronts when they lever, for example. Unless you have a half-dozen strong, calloused hands all the time, you'll need pliers with rubber feet to keep a number of parts and the level you drill or saw.

The last tool is a knife absolutely necessary. I encourage you to keep multiple sheets at hand. It is difficult to describe exactly where it is used, depending on how you approach your work in particular, but I can assure you that it will be very useful and time again.

Now, depending on exactly how significant refurbishment work in progress, may also need a miter saw and a table saw. The miter saw to cut the exact angle you want and give your table saw perfectly straight (if properly used, of course).

It goes without saying that you should have plenty of spare screws, nails, pencils and wood glue on hand. Excess always buy these data because it can be infuriating to run one of them or if you have lost a few.

I hope this helps you understand the long list of tools you need at your fingertips to cover kitchen cabinets correctly. Do not try to skimp on these tools, and it will only make it harder to work and when he is frustrated on a project like this only increases the probability of making careless mistakes, but expensive.
Refacing Kitchen Cabinets - Complete Instructions
 6 parts





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kitchen cabinet refacing ideas

how much does it cost to reface kitchen cabinets-how much does kitchen cabinet refacing cost-cabinet 
refacing cost-reface kitchen cabinets kitchen cabinet refacing ideas

Renew Cabinet Refacing - From Before to After
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When you have a small kitchen in your home, you should be able to decorate so you can use all the available space and have a bit of style in the small room.

There are techniques of decoration that can make a kitchen look bigger kitchen and make it more functional for you. Here are some tips for decorating a kitchen that works best for you.

Maximize vertical space in a kitchen

One of the best ways to decorate a small kitchen and have to be functional is to use all available space, which means that any vertical space you might have. If you do not have kitchen cabinets that go all the way to the ceiling, then you may be losing a lot of space in the kitchen.

You can still use all the space, if you do not have the cabinets to the ceiling with the cabinets as a shelf and place objects on them. Place baskets or boxes on top to save kitchen utensils that can not use very often. If you do not need all the space above the cabinets, add a plant or display some beautiful dishes to add style to the room.

Add plenty of light for kitchen

Most stoves tend to be dark, because they are at an impasse in a wall. This can make the room dark, so it is important that you have plenty of light in the kitchen.

If you have a window, make sure the window treatments allow light to filter into the room. Overhead lighting is a great idea for youe kitchen. You can even try to track lighting, so you can direct the light were you want it in the kitchen.

Make Kitchen Supplies Work Double Duty

Instead of bringing decorative items to hang on the wall using your cookware instead. This will save space, since you already have the source of the kitchen, why not put them on the screen?

If you have good food can be placed on a shelf to display in the kitchen. Decorative cloths or monogram can be hung in the kitchen or even a hook on the wall to serve as a towel and a decorative element. Be creative in how you display utensils. This will save space and money.

Choose lighter colors for kitchen decor

Most stoves are a bit small, if you need to stay away from dark colors in painting the walls and choose the dominant color. Dark colors painted on the walls provide a much smaller room look, while light colors can make a room seem larger room.

Choose a neutral color such as cream or white for the walls of your kitchen. Stay as far away from dark wood furniture and countertops. If you have a small kitchen, black granite countertop may not look the best. You can also stay away from black appliances and instead go with white or stainless steel.

If you have a small galley kitchen can be a challenge when it comes to decorating, but keep in mind these tips and your own style and your kitchen may seem a lot more pleasant and functional.

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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets - How much does it cost to reface kitchen cabinets?

If you have grown out from liking your cabinet layout and storage capacity, you can replace them. But if the cabinets still look good and they still work fine, you may choose to have them refaced for a lot less money.

All the doors, drawer fronts and hardware will be removed by the contractor. After doing this, they will install veneer on the remaining bases and add new matching doors, drawer fronts and hardware. It will typically take about two to four days until the project is done. However, a much simpler one can be finished in one day and a more complicated project can take more than four days than usual.

Refacing the cabinets in a regular kitchen will cost about $1,000 to $3,000 for Rigid Thermofoil (RTF), and plastic laminate also has the same range of costs. Rigid Thermofoil is the cheapest option for veneer, which is actually durable and easy to clean already. It also has a wide selection of styles and can give you an illusion that it has been painted. Plastic laminate is more expensive than RTF, and also offers many options of colors but not as durable as RTF is. For a real wood veneer that is about ¼ thick will cost about $2,500 to $6,000. Wood veneers are the most expensive option, which is usually 25% more than RTF and plastic laminate. However, expenses can go up much higher as $7,000 to $9,000 for a bigger project using high-quality wood veneer.

When your kitchen cabinets are still in good shape, you may choose to replace its new pulls, knobs and hinges for an up to date look. These cabinet parts will cost $2 to $4 each piece, but if you choose custom designs and colors, it can cost up until $20 to $50 per piece.

Doing your refacing kitchen cabinets by yourself will surely cut the cost back, which will actually cost you just $200 to $500 for the entire project. Although you should put in mind that it might take longer time for you to finish this, and not to mention messy as well. You will also need specialized veneer tools for this project such as rollers, blades and irons that costs $5 to $60 or more per tool.

In the end, when you want to get a good quote, be sure to consult with a few companies as you're going to find that many of them are going to vary. Check with the BBB to ensure that you're working with a company that will work the best for you.

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Cost Of Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

The total cost of cabinet refacing usually saves you up to 50% or more compared to a complete kitchen remodel (try our calculator and see for yourself!). Refacing is a fast way to get a new and improved kitchen without having to completely redo your kitchen. By switching out the old hardware and refacing your cabinet doors, you can easily change the look of your tired old kitchen for something more hip and modern.

Depending on the size of your kitchen, the project cost will vary. Refacing cabinets cost somewhere in the range of $1000 to $5000. To determine the projected cost, some companies charge on a per unit basis. Unit costs may include the addition of new cabinet doors, drawers, end panels, and/or false fronts. The price per unit can be as low as $150 and can go as high as $250. The final cost will depend on the material used and the design of the cabinet refacing.

If you are on a small budget - and these days, who isn't? - and want to have a unique, more stylish looking kitchen then cabinet refacing is the most viable and cheapest way of achieving a new look. Call or visit stores and contractors who list this as their specialty, show them your layout and ask for an estimate. Some contractors have calculators on their web sites so you can easily get a ball park figure for the project. At some point, most of them will want to visit your home to give you a more accurate assessment. It's worth the time and effort to get the right contractor to do the job.

To fully understand how the estimate is determined and what is included, consider asking contractors straightforward questions. Understanding how the refacing cost is calculated will help in negotiating a deal which might benefit you by possibly saving money and by being clear about how the process works.

* Get to know if the job is priced by the foot or by some other method. 
* Once the vendor provides you with an estimate of the project, ask if materials and labor are included. 
* Ask for a rundown of the process and if it differs depending on the type and style of cabinet doors you choose. 
* Be sure to ask how much time it will take to complete the job and how that will affect the cabinet refacing costs.

Finally, before you sign the bottom line, be sure to read all the terms and conditions carefully. This may bring up other questions and will eliminate any discrepancies in the future.

Compared to new cabinets, refacing kitchen cabinets will cost you about one third as much. This will save you lot of money to spend on other areas of the kitchen, like maybe a new kitchen counter, new flooring, or that food processor you've been eyeing. For an affordable amount and with no compromising on quality, your kitchen will be modern and stylish in no time, and you just might enjoy cooking again!

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