How To Organize Your Fridge ,Cleaning & Organizing the Fridge
    - Clean refrigerator and organize will save you time in the kitchen and give you more time to do the things you love.

    Tip1: Clean out your fridge. 

    Remove all the food, threw away anything that was past its expiration date, was growing something funky, or that we hadn't used in a while.

    Tip2: store similar items in baskets, drawers and containers that keep items organized. 

    Tip3: Store pantry items in see-through containers that allow quick access with a glance.

    You will like to plan your meals for the week, right at the fridge.

     Tip4:   stop stuffing it full of “junk”  in drawers!

    Tip5:On the front of the fridge  Managing Fridge Front Clutter

     These handy items to group items in, like a Post-It Pocket to put grocery receipts in.Or Magnetic Baskets. 

    Tip6:Vegetables in veggie drawers, dairy together on a single shelf, and all savory condiments lined up next to one another.
    This makes cooking easier, putting away groceries more efficient, and can help you to avoid stocking up on the things you already have.

    Tips7:A basket on the top of the fridge can be used to store onions or potatoes.

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