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    Organizing Tips Easy ways to Organize at Home Easy ways to Organize Your Home Organizing Tips How To Organize Your Home? How To Organize Your Home?Organizing Tips organize your home 2012 Organize, Organize, Organize

    unclean and messy home is a breeding ground of negative energy.
    A clean and organized house has the ability to attract positive energy that in turn affects the life of the
    residents of the house.

    1-dentify what is garbage and what is not.Memories remain in people's heart forever; objects just increase 

    2-Don't go shopping until you've measure every inch of your space!

    Dirty clothes
    3-When you take off dirty clothes, put them in the hamper.

    In the bedroom

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    4-Everyone gathers their things they have left around and puts them in the basket.When the basket is full, it's time for everyone to grab their own things and put them away.
    In the home office

    5-Smart tip! Organize your small office supplies into a sectioned container by color and shape—this eye-catching storage solution can double as décor!
    Use tuna cans to organize your drawers(Be sure to choose ones without rust, and give them a coat of paint.)

    Use tuna cans to organize your drawers -
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    In the bathroom

    Use this drawers to make more storage space
    Use new ideas to save money and organize your home

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